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2793 The role of your Breast Care Team

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We understand that if you have been referred to the Breast Care team it can be an emotional time for you, your family and friends. Your breast care team are specialist’s in the treatment of breast cancer and will support you and those close to you, through your diagnosis and treatment. Our breast care specialists include surgeons, oncologists (cancer doctors), radiologists (doctors who specialise in x-ray tests and scans), pathologist’s (doctors who specialise in identifying different types of cells using a microscope) and Breast care nurses. There will be a consultant heading the team that looks after you, but your consultant may change if you go on to have another type of treatment. If you are ever unsure about who is in charge of your care, please ask a member of the team. There are other health professionals in the team who can also offer support. They can help you while you are staying in hospital and when you come to the outpatient clinics. These health professionals include physiotherapists, lymphoedema nurses, counselors and dieticians. It is likely that you will have most contact with the Breast care nurses who have specialist knowledge and experience in breast cancer. They will often join you when you see your doctor, but you can also see them separately and they will be happy to speak to you on the phone if you wish. They can also help you by acting as a point of contact with everyone else in the team throughout all stages of your cancer care, advising on ways to cope with your symptoms and how to care for your wound after surgery. They will also provide guidance on arm exercises, fitting a temporary prosthesis, advising on suitable bras and clothing, and putting you in touch with organisations offering support, including advice about money matters. The Breast Care Nurses will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and help you to understand what is happening to you. If necessary, you can be referred for further support with our cousellors or clinical psychologist’s. Our aim is to help you manage your diagnosis and treatment pathway to the point of recovery. When you are first referred to us we will meet with you and will need to gather some information about you. We will need your contact details, your GP details and a list of any medicines that you are taking. We will also ask you to complete a form likes this this is a concerns checklist that may help you when in consultation with the consultant or Breast care nurses, it may help you to think through and identify the concerns you have. It will really help us to support you if you can complete it. Thank you. It is important that you ask us about anything you need to know or about any worries you have. Our contact details are provided at the end of this video and we are here to support you.

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2793 The role of your Breast Care Team

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