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V1 Week 37 (English)

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It's me, Cheryl, and welcome to week three in September. but more importantly, welcome to Team Weeks. Yay! Now we're going to be talking more about Team Weeks in just a minute. Before we start talking about what's in it for your host and consumers and you this week, I, first, want to take a minute to say thank you to all of you who have already contributed to our Hurricane Harvey relief effort. If you did not receive the email from Stein Ove and you'd like to know how you can help those Sales Force members who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, please go to the 'My Week' and youll see the link there. Now you also might be thinking, "Well, shoot doggy Cheryl, what about Hurricane Irma?" Well, we're shooting this on Tuesday. So on Saturday, we really don't know yet where Irma's going to go. But we're all here praying that it just turns around and goes back out into the Atlantic Ocean. So, with all of that said, what is happening this week, starting today for your host? First of all, you will have an amazing host bonus and it is our pressure cooker. Your hostesses in the US, when they have just $600 and 2, they can purchase this for only $49 and in Canada 700 $ and 2, and they have the opportunity to purchase it for only $65. What an amazing offer. We also have a brand new brochure and it starts today, and it is packed full of some amazing offers for all of your customers at your Tupperware party starting with our Easy Solution Planover Set right here. Now this is the right set, just the wrong color. So now, your customers can take advantage of this set. We also have our Costa del Sol set, guys. All of this, once again, right size, wrong color. We do have seals for the tumblers. That's on sale and it's part of our tear off. We also have Modular Mates, and that is all of our Super Ovals and our rects are on sale. So make sure you're checking out your sales brochure that starts today. We also have, for one week only, we have our super savings to kick-off Team Weeks and each one of you will have a flyer that is indicative to your region. They, all of your regionals, have picked their favorite set. You will all have this to share with your customers and your friends and families this week. Make sure you're checking out the My Week and pulling off your flyer because this is only for one week. Are you excited? Are you ready to go out and party? Say 'Yes,' say 'Si,' say 'Oui.' Okay, Y'all. Look, I told you I'd be back with Team Weeks. Look who I have, it's Stein Ove! - Hello, everyone. Wow! It is great to be here. As she was getting me, I said, "Cheryl, we got to double, we got to triple, we got to go wherever we need to go." So, I brought some friends of ours. - Yes. -They are near and dear to us. - I know. - I said, "We have so much fun here." and I said, "Fine Cheryl, which one of them? I want them all." - That we got it all. - I know, because this is about team spirit. Here's the thing, sometimes, when you're all by yourself, and how do you get team spirit? Well, just bring some more of you. That's what you look for. -That's right. You guys are always looking for more review. That's called recruiting. - It is. Speaking of recruiting, while I've got Stein Ove, right here. Do you have your name on Stein Ove's conference wall yet, Say 'Yes,' say 'Si,' say 'Oui.' If you don't, you want to make sure you do. - I'm excited about it. - I know, it's going to be pretty awesome Team weeks is like when we have your name on the wall and we walk around, we make all those decision, we look at your name and to say, you are part of this. - Absolutely. That is why we love what we do because we love you all. Should tell them what is going on for Team Weeks? -Yes, please. Team weeks starts today. It's for the last three weeks for the September sales month and we have a challenge for all of our established consultants and higher If you're all ready, when you submit just three parties of 500 and more in the US, 600 and more in Canada, you have the opportunity to earn, Stein Ove, can you hold it now, this amazing addition to your color block bag. Now this is a bag. - I know, this is a major bag. I love it. - That's not a week ender bag, that's a week-long bag, guys. -It is, great. - So you have the opportunity to earn that but you know what, - Look how it looked great. - It does. - I know. - For the awesome, take that challenge too. - I know. Six parties of 500 and more in the US 600 and more in Canada, and they get to add our amazing team weeks jackets. Don't you love this? - I know, it's exciting. - That is for all of our established consultants or higher. We also have an activity challenge that starts today. It's for one week only because we want to kick off Team Weeks in a huge way. -Yes, we do. Everybody, Yay! Okay, everybody gets to play this challenge. Don't you love this? - I love it! - Oh my gosh, guys. This is our team Tupperware tote. You need this and you have the opportunity - I got to check this one. - Look at this, yes. - Right? See how cool that is. It matches our posh plaid lunch bag that's in our catalog. So how do you do this? It's just 250 submitted this week in the US 300 in Canada and that bag is yours. Now, how are you going to let that happen? Well, don't forget, you have a brand new flyer. So just two of our sets on the insides of your flyer that qualifies you for your bag. Or on the tear-offs, Stein Ove, - Yes. - We have Modular Mates. So three of our Super Oval and Rectangular set qualifies you for that bag. We also have, on the tear off, don't you love this set? Our Costa del Sol Set, just five of these will qualify you for this amazing bag or don't forget, for one week only, you have a regional flyer with some amazing offers. So if you put together your sets, that's going to qualify you for this team Tupperware bag but we're not done. - Wait, this means that everyone's going to have one! - And you have to have it. - Because with all of that's going on, it is a must. - Must have for this week. - Absolutely. Before I go on to one more challenge to make this even sweeter. Business leaders, they all have a 10% growth challenge. -Yes. 14 weeks and when they make that happen within their company, the business leaders will be rewarded with this Team Tupperware Trophy So, you all can be proud out loud and we're going to kick it off this week with our Team Tupperware tote. But you know what Stein Ove? - What more? - It's always so fun when you autograph things. I thought it would be kind of fun if you would autograph my bag for me. Would you do that? - I can do that. For Cheryl, anything. - I know you all want to get an autograph bag from Stein Ove This is what we're going to do. The no. 1 consultant, the no. 1 manager, the no. 1 star manager, the no. 1 executive, the no. 1 director, the no. 1 star director, and the no. 1 two-star director and above in each region, You're going to get an autograph bag from Stein Ove! So we're going to be giving away 49 autographed Team Tupperware totes. Will you be the one, in your region, to get our very own autographed bag from Stein Ove? Say 'Yes,' say 'Si,' say 'Oui.' He's timing it right now guys and you know what it says? It says, you are, I'm Possible, Stein Ove. - because you are, Cheryl. - Well, so got used to that. - And to all of you, I'm looking forward to sending this to all of our tubers. This bag, too. Because when you do achieve this level, you are truly I'm possible. - Absolutely. Speaking of Team Weeks, This is also our last week for the Tupper Cup, okay guys. We know that you guys know that Stein Ove and I we know that we are in it to win it. Okay, guys. As Stein Ove always says, - Think big, start small but begin now! - Bye everyone. -See you all! Tupper Cup Welcome to week 4 of Tupper Cup! and just a reminder, We are up against France, South Africa, and Mexico. And you know what y'all, We know, what do you do best? You party! So remember, when you're partying this week, You're going to have the opportunity to submit just 250 in the US, 300 in Canada to qualify for that amazing Team Tupperware tote. If you don't have a party this week, go out and sell to your family and friends and/or your customers at your parties to get that tote and to help the US and Canada win our Tupper Cup this week. Some two of these amazing sets or three of your amazing Modular Mate sets and/or five of the Costa del Sol sets Or remember, take your regional flyer and make your own sets up. Because as Stein Ove said, we are in it to win it! Go US and Canada!

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V1 Week 37 (English)

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