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Nescafé Fina Selección (eng sub)

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Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I'm having a dinner party and I've run out of coffee. Come in Thank You! I've got "Gold Blend". Do you think your guests will like it? Certainly! They will love it. It is a very sophisticated cofee What took you so long? I went to...look for coffee You saved my life last night The dinner party? The coffee! was quite a success. Um...look...I'm sort of...busy...but..perhaps... Perhaps It was my neighbour. How's the coffee? Perfect. Where do you get it from? I have it delivered Lets see...I think you've met everyone except... We've met already Are you always this late? Tomorrow ought to be different Tomorrow? Why is that? I am inviting you to dinner If this were a restaurant, they would be putting chairs on tables right now And I would be inviting you back to my flat for a cup of coffee I could...get carried away And... Exellent! as usual Pity! I've got to leave Leave? I'm flying to Paris tomorrow morning Pity! Why? Thy don't have Gold Blend in Paris I'll get it! Good afternoon Good afternoon Are you looking for the flat owner? Well... She's getting dressed. May I offer you a cup of cofee? Who was that? The neighbour I told him you where in the bedroom And did you tell him who you are? He did not ask Hello Hello Is it because of something I said? It's business matters For how long? A month It is for long I payed you a visit last night. You were in company You mean my brother. He was there for a cup of coffee Your brother? I've forgotten to tell you, I'll be in New York Today I hope you've remembered to take some Gold Blend with you Perhaps you'll like to know I will be at the Plaza To be continued... Good Night! Good night Claudia Are you not supposed to be in New York? The coffee was not quite to my liking Nescafé Gold Blend, richer ad smoother! I thought we were to get together in New York And where did you get that idea from? From this

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Country: Mexico
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Posted by: minako10 on Apr 8, 2014

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