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Disney BH6 XPRIZE Challenge Winners: Emergency Mask Pod - Help's on the Way

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>> Heroes inspire and help us. They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Take for instance, the ten year old who caught an infant who was thrown out of the second story of a burning building. Well, why was the infant thrown out of a window? Because the infant's mom realized that even though her apartment room was not on fire, the amount of smoke rushing through would have been enough to asphyxiate the baby. So she launched the baby out the window. Now it turns out that 40% of fire victims die of smoke inhalation alone. This means that that ten year old really was a hero. Now what's needed to prevent stuff like this from happening in the future is simply a way to launch a smoke mask in to people trapped on the second stories of burning buildings. something that first responders— volunteer fire fighters, EMTs, and police— responding could easily launch right up in there. I talked to experts, asking if there's anything that already solved this problem, and they all said no, there wasn't. So clearly, I need to design something. So I used the engineering design process to invent a projectile that could hold a smoke mask and be thrown effectively by a first responder into an open second floor window. This is the same process used by inventors the world over, including Big Hero 6's Hiro Hamada. First I found a lightweight smoke mask that could scrub smoke particulate, CO2, and toxins. Then I looked for possible solutions for a way to launch the smoke mask into a second story window. I tested several, but they failed. I kept trying though because everybody knows you have to go back to the drawing board sometimes. I finally succeeded. I designed a football-shaped canister using a free online computer-assisted design program. Then I printed it on my 3D printer. Over thirty-five fire fighters tested the football pod, and its accuracy rate was 75%. The emergency mask pod works. This means that first responders at a fire, whether they are police men, EMTs, or volunteer fire fighters in their civilian cars can deliver a smoke mask to people trapped in the upper stories of burning buildings. This would be most needed in rural areas with volunteer fire departments where houses are further apart, and quite often, volunteer fire fighters in civilian vehicles arrive on site before a full-fledged fire engine. These men are heroes. If they had emergency mask pods, they could throw smoke masks up into the second stories of burnign buildings and save more lives.

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Posted by: production on Nov 11, 2014

My invention, the Emergency Mask Pod, is a proven way to deliver smoke masks to people trapped on the second floors of burning buildings, giving them more time to breathe safely while waiting for fire engines to arrive.

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