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Food Safety

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A few years back the United States passed a law which is called the Food Safety Modernization Act. And what that basically means is that food that is available for not only people but also pets in the United States, needs to be safe from field to fork. Therefore, many of you out in the international community are exporting food products to the United States and therefor the source is in your country's and this law therefore applies to you. Meaning that if you're producing— if you're out in the field actually with the production in the farming side of things, if you're in delivery or you're in production which is going to be imported to the United States, you are apt to being inspected. Therefore, the customer is looking for us, looking for Orkin, to make sure that food is safe. Now we've done lots of—when you came here to training in Atlanta, also when we come out in the field, we provide a lot of training on how to identify that pest, whether it's a cockroach or whether it's a earwig. We also given information on how to service that pest, what equipment, what products to actually use. But the customer doesn't need just that help, they also need to know in general, are their procedures inside that facility keeping their food safe. Recently when I was in Guatemala, I noticed that there were no bugs. We had done an excellent job. But as I payed attention, the windows were being left open, and there was a negative air pressure and therefore chemicals and dust was blowing right into the food production area. The place was very, very clean. As I observed cleaning processes, that they were scrubbing those floors all the time, putting soaps and chemicals on the floor to keep them clean. This was going on right next to food production areas. Therefore, the bugs weren't going to contaminate the food, but there could be cleaning materials that might. We also noticed that food stuff was being stored right next to chemical products which therefore these fumes and other things could therefore be transferred. What I'm pointing out is that the customer doesn't just expect us to take care of the bugs, but also help them with their overall food safety and audit scores that they'll be receiving. Whether that's from a AIB audit or whether they're trying to get HACCP certified. We are their source in providing that information. So I would ask us, let's make sure we're all trained on not only how to control the bugs with our products but also making sure the entire facility is safe. And therefore, observing, checking, looking at temperatures— what temperature they're cooking a food or how long it's being left out are all things that can be very helpful in ensuring that the food is safe. And should they be importing it, or excuse me, exporting it to the United States, then should the FDA show up to do an inspection, there will be no problems whatsoever. So, yes we take care of the bugs but we also help keep the facility safe and the food that's being produced there safe as well.

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Food Safety

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