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Taiwan:王玲珏 (Mrs. Wang)

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Are you ready? Get ready. One, two, three, action. Can you do a brief introduction for us? Hi, everyone, I am Ruby from Taiwan. Ruby? Right. MS Wang, did you hold any traditional jobs before you joined Youngevity? Can you tell us your background and experience briefly? I was a health consultant before I joined Youngevity. I have been working in the field for more than 20 years. I studied nutrient therapy in natural medicine. I helped many people to rediscover the path to health. I am very happy about it. How did you learn about Youngevity? It was a happy but accidental occasion. Last year in June, Youngevity found out about our existence due to our effort for more than 10 years in health filed. We started to collaborate with our respective merits. The result of this combination is not one plus one equals to two. To us, one plus one equals to infinite possibilities. How did it improve your life and career after joining Youngevity? The improvement is coming from the fact that Youngevity is a company with a long history. It is trusted by many. So I am full of hope for my future. Dr. Wallach, the founder of Youngevity, has the same belief as I in medicine. So we have the same idea. I am very happy to have this opportunity to work with them. Which aspects of Youngevity attract you the most? The most attracting aspect is Youngevity is based on health. Youngevity's products, including food, skincare products or supplements are all nature-based. This is the most amazing aspect. And Youngevity has a very good bonus system. It is built for distributors. It works for distributors' benefit. We are very confident, knowing we are going to work under this system. From this perspective, what are you most excited about Youngevity's future? My vision for Youngevity's future stems from the fact that it has many products. I hope more products will be sold in Taiwan. I hope more people will be using Youngevity's product, from morning to evening. Evidently, our career path will be developed. What advice do you have for those who want to join or buy from Youngevity? To those who are planning to buy from Youngevity, I want you to feel a sense of security with us. We have already picked the best products for you. You will be able to use them in peace. For those who want to join Youngevity to develop their career, I want them to know that our team members are very experienced. The success rate is very high when you decide to join us. You will be reaching your goals in no time. Thank you for your time, Ms. Wang. Thank you. Thanks, everyone.

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Taiwan:王玲珏 (Mrs. Wang)

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