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CNN Student News - 1/12/2010

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Well, it's Tuesday. I'm Carl Azuz. This is CNN student news. Thank you for taking ten to check out today's show. We'll get started right now. First up, the ongoing cold spell in southern U.S. could mean serious problem for Florida's ctirus farmers. The industry makes about 9 billion dollars a year. Right now the citrus harvest is at its peak The winter weather is wreaking havoc One official said some of the states grove suffered substantial damage over the weekend Here’s the problem The temperature goes below 28 degrees and stays there awhile It can damage or destroy citrus crops. And with this extreme cold, part of the states have dropped into the thirties and lower You might notice the impact of the situation on your breakfast table. Florida produces 3 quarters of the US orange crop, and the states is responsible for 40% of the entire world orange juice supply. One of the biggest items they're gonna be working on is a Health Care Reform Bill you've heard all about that last semester. Both the House and the Senate have passed different versions they did that last year. The next step for them this year is to combine the two versions into one final bill. but it is Brianna Keilar tells us that may not be an easy process. After months of hearings Block its Town Halls, You wanna be let out of here, you're welcome to go. You work for us! "You work for us! You work for us!" rowdy protests, a vote during the snowstorm and another on Christmas Eve, one year and several versions of health care reform later, here we are. One Health Bill and one Senate Bill with big differences. the so-called public option that would compete with private plans The House has one, but moderate Democrats succeeded in cutting it from the Senate bill Because of that, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is no longer insisting on the public option Though she is demanding health care be affordable for low and middle income Americans the other ways to do that and we look forward to having those discussion as we reconcile the bills. Pelosi is pushing for more government subsidies to help people buy insurance, and how would the government pay for health care reform. The House bill has a tax on the wealthy The Senate bill taxes high and help insurance policies Those so-called cadillac plans House liberals are concerned it will hit labor union members The last thing we want to do is penalize people who manage to negotiate however they've negotiated for themselves umm...good health care. Moving from bills to baseball An admission from one of the sport's most faomus sluggers Mark McGwire Says that he used illegal steroids during the 1990s And that includes the 1998 season When he broke the record For the most homeruns in the season In the statement, McGwire, who's recently named the St. Louis Cardinals' hitting coach, said quote: "I wish I had never touch steroids. It was foolish and it was a mistake. I truly apologize." a "Word to the Wise" TRACE a small or barely detectable amount of something Word to the Wise Machines that confine trace amounts of potentially dangerous materials are one of the technologies being considered to help out with airline security. Another, full body scanners. In a recent CNN poll, about 80% of people were in favor of airports using those. Yesterday, we looked some of the challenges facing security personile. Today, Brian Todd explores some of the technologies being developed to help them. When President Obama said this, 'to develop and deploy the next generation of screening technologies,' this is what he meant. You're looking at what one homeland security official calls 'an electronic dog's nose.' It's a trace sensor device, one of the technologies being developed by the department of energy and homeland security to protect passengers from terrorists.

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Today, we explore a steroid admission in baseball, new airline safety technologies, and living conditions of Tokyo's working poor.

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