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ZION EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA APRIL 8, 2012 SERMON TEXT: ISAIAH 25:6-9 [This morning's sermon text is] recorded for us by the Prophet Isaiah where we read from Chapter 25, begininning with Verse 6: ON THIS MOUNTAIN THE LORD ALMIGHTY WILL PREPARE A FEAST OF RICH FOOD FOR ALL PEOPLES, A BANQUET OF AGED WINE --- THE BEST OF MEATS AND THE FINEST OF WINES. ON THIS MOUNTAIN HE WILL DESTROY THE SHROUD THAT ENFOLDS ALL PEOPLES. THE SHEET THAT COVERS ALL NATIONS; HE WILL SWALLOW UP DEATH FOREVER. THE SOVEREIGN LORD WILL WIPE AWAY THE TEARS FROM ALL FACES; HE WILL REMOVE THE DISGRACE OF HIS PEOPLE FROM ALL THE EARTH. THE LORD HAS SPOKEN. IN THAT DAY THEY WILL SAY, "SURELY THIS IS OUR GOD; WE TRUSTED IN HIM AND HE SAVED US. THIS IS THE LORD, WE TRUSTED IN HIM; LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN HIS SALVATION." This is the Word of our Lord. This is the day that they Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Amen. [Text taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION, 1973, 1978, 1984, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers] Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ: Do you know how much Easter candy was produced in the United States last year? Think of ... pounds; more than millions of pounds. More than a billion pounds. Roughly seven billion pounds of Easter candy was produced for last year. It just astounds me that per person, that is POUNDS and POUNDS of Easter candy. But then I hear the Prophet Isaiah ... the Prophet Isaiah talking about an entirely different kind of celebration. Truly a banquet. But a banquet of fine and aged wines. A banquet of the best of meats. A banquet that God has prepared for His people. A banquet that you and I look forward to celebrating rejoicing in the fact that at that eternal banquet you and I have a seat at that table. At that table where the food is never going to run out and the grace of God will be enduring forever and we will be there rejoicing. And praising God for all of the wonderful and tremendous things that He has accomplished for us. The work that He has done that we could not do. The disgrace of our sin that we couldn't erase. That we couldn't get rid of, God got rid of through His Son. The shroud of death, eternal death that encompasses all people who sin we cannot avoid. We cannot save ourselves from that. But yet, God's Son has done that. We rejoice and we give thanks to God for what He has accomplished. Therefore we trust in Him. We rejoice in the fact of what Jesus has accomplished and we are glad and we are happy that we will be participating in what God has prepared for us. This tremendous banquet of celebration and joy that's going to go beyond those meals that most of us are looking forward to eating this afternoon. Because they're eternal and God is taking care of what truly matters. That disgrace that was brought on this world through Adam. Because sin entered the world through Adam. That's what the Apostle Paul told the church in Corinth. He reminded us of that this morning in our Epistle Lesson. That sin came through Adam. That disobedience ... that wonderful thing that Adam gave to his children and his children gave to their children ... passed on from generation to generation. That inherited sin that makes us the enemies of God. Makes us sinful. That sinfulness about us that comes out in the things that we say and the things that we do. Especially the times when we are NOT thankful for what God has done for us. We are not rejoicing in the fact that Jesus Christ came and saved us. Delivered us from that sin that polluted us. That IS our disgrace. And if you don't think that, all you have to imagine is that when you come next Sunday, we're gonna put a bulletin board up here with everything that you did through the week that broke God's commandments. Who of us wants to see that? With our own eyes, let alone let someone else look into what's in our thoughts ... what's in our hearts. There is disgrace there because we do not love God with all of our heart and with all of our soul and with all of our being. And we mistreat our neighbors. We don't love them. We don't respect them. Sometimes it is truly disgraceful how we as human beings treat each other. Let alone of the way we treat each other as brothers and sisters in the faith. That is our disgrace. And it is so apparent that when we come before God isn't it that sin, that disgrace that drops us to our knees viewing His holiness and His perfection. And pleading for His forgiveness. The forgiveness that Jesus Christ ... God's Son ... accomplished for us. The removal of that sin with His death on the cross of Calvary. Assuring us that He also defeated death. That we no longer look forward to an eternity of condemnation and spiritual death, but through the power of the Holy Spirit the knowledge of what Jesus Christ has done lives in us. We trust it. We believe it. We rejoice in the fact that that coffin that we get placed into on our death, is not our eternal home. It keeps a body. But our soul will be with God at the moment of our death, in His care, in His keeping for all eternity. Because Jesus Christ went there first. He is the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep to be raised to eternal life. And we will follow Him. We will follow Him triumphantly. We will follow Him rejoicing and being glad that God has opened the gates of heaven for us. Our sins have been forgiven and we will be with Him ... serving Him in all innocence and holiness. That disgrace of sin forever removed from us. And we will be with God. And He will care for us. He will tend to our needs in that place where there is no more weeping. As He dries our tears where there is just rejoicing. Being filled with the joy of our salvation. We rejoice in the fact that Jesus Christ has saved us. We live in the knowledge that our eternity is secure. You and I KNOW that at the moment of our death God is calling us HOME! To be with Him. To praise Him. To worship Him. To love Him throughout eternity. And that gives us a joy that never ends. It is the God in whom we trust ... because the LORD has said it! The LORD has said it and we believe it! That is the end of the story. We as people now speak the truth of what is ours because we trust in that God. We don't trust in ourselves because we don't always see past what is immediately in our future. We can so easily get caught up in the moment. In today. And what I need and want from God today sometimes is not going to be beneficial for my eternity. Whereas the LORD sees that. Whereas the LORD knows that and understands that and that is His focus for us. It's not just making us happy little children by throwing some candy at us. Pound after pound after pound. But He gives us the blessings that we need. He gives us the things that are going to keep us strong in the faith. That are going to protect us on our homeward journey to be with Him in heaven. And every day it is a matter for us to learn to trust. To trust in God. To accept what He brings to us and know that HE will care for us. That He will see us through our life. That He will take care of our needs. We see Him doing that so tenderly with His disciples on that first Easter. Where He came to them; to comfort them with the knowledge that He had been raised. That He was raised from the dead. That He is alive. The women that went to the tomb were trembling. They were bewildered. But yet the angel spoke the comfort to them that He is arisen. They shared that knowledge with their fellow disciples. Jesus Himself came to Mary. He came to them. He came to the disciples locked in a room to comfort them. And to show them His love and His care and His concern. That He was alive. That He had accomplished salvation. And you and I have seen that. We have witnessed that once again and that causes our heart to sing. That causes us to TRUST in God. To put ourselves in His hands and let Him carry us. When we can't see what the future holds, He knows. And He will bring us safely HOME. He has saved us. He has purchased us to be His own, to live with Him forever in eternity. And therefore we rejoice. Therefore we are glad; we sing His praises. We live our life of faith. We say that our God reigns. HE IS RISEN! Let us rejoice and be glad! Amen. and be glad! Amen. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding, keep your hearts and your minds and especially your lives in the one true faith unto life everlasting. Amen.

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Posted by: hischild on Apr 10, 2012

The LORD has prepared the banquet of salvation. Nothing is missing. God has taken away everything that would ruin the joy of His people.

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