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Radio Arvila 30-03-2010

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Ladies and Gentlemen welcome today to the Radio Arvila of Holy Tuesday, -modest, modest applause - the way it fits. Today is the last show of Radio Arvila for the Good week Tomorrow we are leaving, heading for some recreation as well, and we will be back, after Passover's Monday To be fair, as we said before, Radio Arvila and the Holy Week are two things that don't bind together so much, you know that. So, today we promised you a different show a different Radio Arvila, and that you will have. In the last show we have in the Holy Week every year we do something different Two years ago we dealt with, if I remember correctly, with environmental issues, with ecological subjects and so on. Last year we dealt with animal abuse, with some very cruel videos, and with human trafficking. But this year we will have a different show, for which we would like you to watch, it is not going to be satiric, funny, we will not make jokes, we will not laugh, nothing of all these things that you know will happen in Radio Arvila. It is once a year, but we would really like, and mostly from young people, to stay with us and watch what we are about to show today. Basically we will dedicate the whole show in some films that we would like to suggest you to watch, in which we might not agree, at least not completely, or to disagree completely, but they sure give food for thought and another point of view. We will talk about subjects like religion, satire, the relationship between them, television, the financial crisis from another perspective and so on. It will be a bigger show today... Some points might seem weird - especially with the financial crisis stuff-, but a huge request, especially to the young people, from us to you, stay on your televisions to watch all these things together, to follow them, and think. So what we will start with, we will have excerpts from the following documentaries and movies. From the movie Larry Flynt, from the documentaries Zeitgeist 1 and Zeitgeist 2, from the movie Network, and from the documentary Lucky People Center. The last one has to do with religions. Larry Flynt, the publisher of the magazine Hustler. A magazine like Playboy but somehow with stronger content, in the 70's, it is the most puritan America that has ever existed. A true witch hunt is happening. Larry Flynt, in the excerpt you will see, talks basically about the madness of our societies, and the hypocrisy, because we grew up in societies that have bombarded us with certain things from the young age: "this is right", "this is not right", "this is wrong" and when we think about those things or we doubt them while growing up, many times we end up realizing that finally right is wrong and wrong is right. Either subjectively, or objectively. Therefore, while we are in 'pornographic' times in Greece, watch an interesting point of view from Larry Flynt for this subject, and we will talk later. And we get to that period, where the magazine Hustler started a conflict with a reverend, a symbol of Christianity for the United States. So it is now end of 70's, start of 80's, We are talking about for the most puritan America, we emphasize that, a real witch hunt in many levels, and what the magazine Hustler did was to create a satiric cartoon that, think about what an extreme action that was for that era. A satiric cartoon that showed Jerry Falwell -that was the name of the reverend- in a parody of an advertisement of the drink Campari, where he was talking about the first time he ever had sex in his life, and they showed this man, that his first time of having sex, was with his own mother! We are talking about an extreme occasion! Incestuous for that era. And in this occasion of course, Falwell puts before court, the whole Hustler magazine, they lose the case for another reason and they decide to make an appeal to the Supreme Court of the US, that dealt with the subject of the matter. And in this movie, which is the actual transcript of the trial -this is very important-, the discussion about freedom of speech, the freedom of satire and how useful it is to a society to satire and make fun of symbols of power even if these symbols are religious. Take a look at this excerpt. We have to mention here that the Hustler magazine acquitted, therefore the Supreme Course of the US vindicated the magazine. We are showing these because they have been getting on our nerves for some time about the limits of satire. We honestly say this, we have never given a single interview that they haven't asked us about the limits of satire. And every time we answer "what is the matter with all those limits, do you like limits so much?", "do we like so much certain things that limit us?" "is this enclosure so meaningful in our lives?" "so we are unable to control our lives that we are in need of an ethical and other enclosures which will tell us that we can move around here?". And lets say that this interests us. We found all the other limits, of politics, of journalism, of theft. We solved those and now we deal with the limits of satire. Satire like any other creative art, and especially satire, is made to break the limits. Especially satire is made to bother. Especially satire is made to stick up. And it is not made to be always polite. Many times it is polite, but many times it is purposely rude. Depending on the situation. Purposely rude, and it is this that we should slowly try to understand. Let's go now to the subject of church, because we also got an extrajudicial. and there has been a lot of discussion. And some of the healthy discussion, because ok, we do not care about hysteric voices shouting "six hundred sixty six". We can understand some of the healthy discussion The hypocrisy is this: The church is an institution which in a managerial level -the high levels of church- it is sinking into amazing scandals for years. Economic scandals, sex scandals, molested kids -young kids, there are also rapes, thefts, and many other things and whenever those things have happened, we never saw any of those who scream like crazy in the TV about satire, to scream with the same rage for these issues. They are bothered more when satire focuses on those issues, or focuses with the hypocrisy and the corruption of all those people, and they are not bothered by the same issues. This situation is a scaring hypocrisy. What I want to say is that from one point they want to put limits in satire, from another point, they don't put limits in things they can think and do. They put limits in people. Who should love who, who should marry who, how to move and so on We are in a constant mood of putting limits. I have never understood this. With limits we created this world, and look how we ended up. So we have made borders, with one another, you will be until here, he will be until there. Although especially in church, you must understand that well you don't have to understand anything, we want to understand, that for us, a person's faith is an extremely important thing, a refuge, we respect it completely, we have our faith, we are human that we find refuge in what Christ said, we are that kind of people. But we make a separation when the how these words and the human need for faith and refuge are needed, and they take those beliefs, all those years and centuries, the people who control the church, and they take advantage of it to manipulate the world and to gain more power and money. Nothing more. So we separate completely the faith of the people who represent it. And just because those are the representative of God... Please! It is the complete opposite. We believe that many of them, are hypocrites and corrupted that they are on the high levels of the church, and with their words and acts offend what they supposedly represent and that's why we fight them with our means. And thats why ridicule is important. It is amazing, that everyone is waiting for, in all levels, the polite, gentle, with care, consequential satire. Satire is not like this. Ridicule... Because those people always use the excuse of demureness, the excuse of well being, to hide their corruption, their hypocrisy, and all those faults, their thefts etc When you ridicule a symbol of power, that wants to tell you that he is holy and whatever else, you ridicule him, you demystify it, it is a deconstruction, it is a message that you can doubt this person and you undress him from the mantle of demureness, you let him naked and exposed in his own glory. That's why even ridicule is also important for these symbols of power, especially the more powerful symbols. We have created a video, that you will watch. This is the only one we have made it today for today's representatives of God and Christ. To a comparative test, we could say. Let's see. When Jesus Christ went down to earth to teach loving each other, the selflessness, the forgiveness and the ultimate virtue of self-sacrifice for the saving of the humanity, maybe things would go better if he had for help one of today's representatives of church to avoid some small but important mistakes And we explain: An image is more powerful that words. The ragamuffin Jesus with his displeasingly slim silhouette for sure he did not give the best example to the world. How is it possible a gaunt human dressed so simply, to convince for the kingdom of heaven? However today? Admire! The holy fathers are dressed in their golden vestments and bling under the light, and they flash glory and power. Additionally, their silhouettes speak for themselves for the benefits of a right and rich nourishment. This way you convince anyone. You travel with style. It is unimaginable to be in the high respect of the world when you travel on a... donkey! How banal! The examples of today would be needed by Jesus. "It is a Volvo S80 and belongs to the Metropolitan of Nikaia, Alexios." "It belongs to the Metropolitan of Naypaktos, Ierotheos and it is a BMW model, series 5" "The Metropolitan of Fthiotida, Nikolaos with a Mercendes E200" A luxurious car, or a limo my brother, is passing out many messages and on top of all you drive paparazzi crazy! When you have two tunics you do not make the childish mistake to give one to your fellow human, neither you perform miracles to feed those who are hungry. *Give courage to the peasants to rise up in your bed! Investing is everything and the holy fathers show us the way. "A case of a priest that gathered 233.000 Euro from a fundraiser for the fire victims and the supposed medical expenses of the Archbishop" First you invest the 2 tunics to become 4! "With the money he invested in the stock market mimicking the Golden Boys..." When it is time and the investment goes well, then you might give away something. "He lost it all, and in his account he had only 25.000 Euro" If it is not successful, God only knows. Love each other... Yes but under certain conditions. Don't count of generalizations like Jesus did. Good accounts make good friends! First you investigate if there is Greek education. "And they have finished here the primary, secondary, highschool and went to the university..." If yes, the love each other as much as you want. If not, think about it again. "Legal immigrants in Greece don't exist! No one is legal." In conclusion whoever is not Greek can go to get love from their fellow people. "They should return to their countries... We don't fit in here anymore..." It is outrageous to forgive your fellow human as easy as Jesus. They will take advantage of you always. First you will send them extra judicial, so you will scare them. To panic a bit. However if they think they are smart, then you must crush them. Your right is the strongest. Jesus did not deal with Secretaries, Pharisees and the power generally. Huge mistake. Today's fathers of church, deal with power very well, and on top of that, with any kind of power. In the photographic instant you see the todays Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Anthimos, with George Pepadopoulos, Stylianos Pattakos and other starts of the Greek junta. Finally it is not accepted to sacrifice to give your own life to save the hoi polloi. The Crucifixion was the worst example. The one will save the many? Are we crazy? The battle of today's representatives of churst for the non-taxation of the church's property, shows the right way. "Holy alliance is forming from the orthodox churches to face the new taxation that government requires" "Did you see anyone being happy when they take their money away?" We will not crucify our selves to save Greece. Crucify Greeks instead, they are a few, no one will notice the difference. As you saw the examples have their own voice. Things are simple. Jesus Christ just didn't know. If he knew he would consult those who by experience they know how to count words, actions and on top of all things, their money. We hope at the Second Advent, that there will not be same kind of mistakes. OK. This was indeed very interesting. The quote "Did you see anyone being happy when they take their money away?" was the worst We have trully, one more time, in this special and different show of Radio Arvila as we do every year, the Good week, we beg you, it might not be satiric, we might not laugh, or enjoy ourselves, but please, especially to the young people stay with us, we will have a commercial break and we will be back with very nice stuff from Zeitgeist, for the religion, the television, economic crisis, stay with us. We are back, we are reading with interest your text messages. We are happy for your messages. We are very happy for this feedback we get. But okay, in today's show we were waiting that some people would not understand. They just don't listen. We cannot say anything else, they are locked, we were expecting this. But this is a small, very small minority, we are trully happy, and it is something that we found out, that especially the young people in this country have started breaking away from many things and think with a different mindset the whole situation around them. And this is really positive. To end this subject now and to start playing the video -if you please, to watch Zeitgeist. What is Zeitgeist? It is Zeit which means spirit and Geist which means time. In a free translation it is the mindset, spirit of the times, spirit of the age, and so on. It is a movie, a documentary that was put for free on the Internet, millions of people watched it. After that there was the continuation of this, the second movie and after that the Zeitgeist Movement was born. Many people might agree completely with what they show, many might disagree, many might partly agree. It is important that this gives food for thought, for sure. This is the introduction that has started already. The first part is a small satiric part, and it is for the religion, but please notice: not for the faith, not for the relationship of people with God, but with how they control the religion, and the need of a person, the people who control the church. It will start, showing some things, things that amazed us and they are very creative, it starts with some especially strong images, from humanity and our world, and leads there. Let's watch it... I will not get tired saying this and pointing it out because it is very important for us personally but also generally in order not to misunderstand all the things that, we try to say with our satire against symbols of power, especially church, but also from the excerpt we saw. These matters don't deal with faith and love that most people could have for God, neither with God himself, with how every person understands, believes in the words of God, love and so on. They deal with how certain people take advantage of this need that have turned the almost most holy situation for every human being, -and this is the truth, in a high level business, and a corrupted way of power that manipulates the world. They said it in the start, they took faith and made it power. They transformed it to something else. Well now, we change subject, let's go to the financial crisis. Which you will see next, it is a hot topic in Greece, we live with it. Really, we repeat, it might not be the usual Radio Arvila, it is once a year. Stay with us, young people, for the financial crisis. Watch some different things. And the first video comes from the Internet that's why we have Christina with us -welcome Christina, who found it, tell us what it is about. In the video I have brought to watch today we will see Max Keiser. Max Keiser is a known economic analyst. who spoke to the English speaking Al Jazzira for the economic problem of our country. In the excerpt you will see, he talks to the Greek economic analysts, where, as you will find out, his views are of a great interest. A great interest, indeed. Listen to this: We are vicious, this is the truth. We must admit we love to get pestered by both foreign and Greek economic terrorists, and the governments, we have this as Greeks, and we also look for it. It's amazing. So it was a very nice video. Maybe this video is the explanation to many things we see every night in the news and we cannot understand or explain. But these videos you are about to see when we come back, where we will continue with the economic crisis with an amazing video, and then we will mention Television issues from Network, another incredible thing. And we will close today in another mood with some issues that can concern the life of every human. I think they will create a magic mood. tonight in this different Radio Arvila of the year. that takes place every time in the Good Week. in Good Week's last show. And all this as soon as we get back from commercials. Stay with us. Well, back to Radio Arvila. Honestly, we thank you from the depths of our hearts for all these many messages you keep sending tonight and for all the things you write. And, to be honest, we are very happy for it. We are in this different Radio Arbila, the third until now, in the 3 years that the show is on the air. Of course, if you count the December Riots back then but let's skip those. Our topic is "Economic Crisis". Watch now a video from Zeitgeist, the documentary. Again, about the documentaries, if you want to watch them as a whole, there is no need, we are not implying that you will agree with everything, however, it is a source for thinking about it: Zeitgeist 1 and 2, Lucky People Center, this is the one we will be watching afterwards, the film Network, that talks about Television - an astonishing prophetic film from 1976, and the movie "Larry Flint". That's what's on for today. If we had more time, maybe we could do better things, but with the weekly Radio Arvila shows, folks, this is what we could do, sorry, really. This is an amazing video regarding all this fraud called Monetary system and Banking system. A system which is set-up. It has direct connections with the Economic Crisis, it's a set up, condemned, one would say, to guide people, the masses towards poverty, and towards being slaves to debt. In keeping countries, entire countries, captive through debt. This video explains how money are made out of nowhere, out of thin air, And, actually, it shows an amazing example in the end, about how an imaginative citizen in the United States, went in court and through which argumentation went in trial with the bank that was to confiscate his house because he didn't have to pay the loan, and how he won. En amazing example. Here, we might need a little more your immediate attention It is a bit...we did what we could, but, truly, it's worth it, see what exactly is going on. This, of course, is the great teacher Krishnamurti, a unique man. Truly, it's worth the effort to study him, We hope you didn't find all this too incomprehensible, or tiring. We think that it wasn't tiring at all. In the contrary, it was especially awakening for all this that we call Economic System. and how it is, in fact, structured so that it keeps us all in it's way enslaved, as persons and as countries, while favouring these man, these small groups, the elite, that essentially controls and keeps in its hands all this system. Debt is everything. All the power today is debt. The next video you are going to see now talks about Television They are abstracts, and not only about Television. It talks about Television, about the chip of the future that is coming, and this is especially interesting, and how Television is preparing us for this chip but it closes with some nice, like... Sometimes, when people name all this stuff 'philosophy', it annoys me. I mean, when we talk about subjects regarding our lives, we have reached such a cynical point in our lives, that, whatever you say that walks out of the frame of cynicism, is characterized 'philosophy'. For me it is not philosophies, to me these are subjects that involve our lives, our existance. You might be impressed or say: "But, is it possible such things to be mentioned through Television?" And especially in the story of this film, from 1976, very prophetic. In the story of this film, and these were mentioned through Television, for they weren't refering to TV as a medium, because TV is a medium, and the way you use the medium, it's being characterized accordingly. It regards, however, to the usage that TV is currently into, concerning other things, and not with what is going to be mentioned now. Enjoy really, this clip from the movie "Network" and and Zeitgeist 1. Okay, there are few words you can say after all these. A disappointment and an inspire all together for overturning. So, that is how we thought the today's show, this different Radio Arvila, we will go away now and we will be back the next Monday, Monday after Easter. We will end with another video, we hope that the people in Athens from ANT1 will let it play fully, if not, don't blame them because we have overused the time for good but this is a sweet and beautiful end, let's hope they will play the whole clip... Have a nice Easter and happy holidays, We need a resurrection this year, more than any other year. Sure. Thank you very much, from our hearts. Be well! Good Night! Transcript and translating in Greek: apollo & muadib (Angelos & Klearxos). A trascription and translation for the Zeitgeist Movement, for furthering the show to all members and every interested person.

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This show was a special show featuring Zeitgeist.

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