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8E8 Show Ep 63 - Question #1

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Hey guys, what's up? In the middle of filming episode 63. I got Jane Moore here behind me. I would show you but I'd have to turn the camera. So we're talking about S curves still. The featured article of the month is Jump and how that mathematically affects our marketing and business decisions. So got a few questions here we're going to answer and go from there. We don't have a lot of money for a marketing budget, what can we do that doesn't cost a lot? So this is a really great question because when we're talking about budgets and you say I don't have much money for a marketing budget. What are my options? And so if we're thinking about the S curve, and how that works, so we got an S curve like that. Look, something has to power the curve. Something's got to propel it or force it. There's got to be some force happening behind it. And so it can be a number of different things. Money is one of those for sure. If you've got a budget behind your marketing, that is a force. That is something that's propelling it, and so that will definitely send it along it's way on the curve. Also is just word of mouth. Having an amazing patient experience will give you momentum and force, and that will put that S curve into play as well. The other one is just straight up hustle. It's just hustle marketing. I mean, it's like doing whatever it takes to get out to create a PR and relationships and networking and get patients in. So when you say I don't have much money for a marketing budget, what are my options? I'm like that's fine. So we're going to take money out of it. You still got word of mouth. You still got hustle. You have the ability to get out, and I see this a lot in startups. Just because the budget's smaller and we can do some stuff there, but the lead doctor or the marketing director or somebody just getting out and making it happen. I mean just boot strap and go. And so that combined with your patient experience better be amazing. I mean, it just better be off the charts. Get patients talking. Use that as some force and some momentum and I think you're fine. You don't have to have money to do marketing. In the end, I actually probably see a lot of practices start to get a big marketing budget that's driving this and it's forcing that, propelling it, but the word of mouth and the patient experience can get weak and a lot of times just nobody has time to hustle anymore. So get out, do those things and I think we can make it happen.

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