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Personal Trainers & Coaches: How to make your competition irrelevant?

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Hi guys, it's Brendan here again from Strength and Success and I'm back in Chamonix in France, in this beautiful town. Let's take a look at that view behind me. I hope you can see, you've got these nice streams coming down, snow on the mountains. I'm at the base of Mount Blanc. I'm just wandering through Chamonix but I wanted to talk to you that today about competition and who are you comparing yourself to? You see, what I find with when I ask Personal Trainers and Coaches 'how do you decide how much to charge?' and 'how do you set your fees?' is very often it it's a number that feels sort of ok, it's not it's comparable with what other people in the area are charging, it's somewhere, it's the somewhere in the middle, (and my stream my stream behind me as well as the snow peaks) so anyway, the thing with that is that you're not really looking at the value that you're offering. My message to you is rather than think about what other if you like. What's your self worth? How much time you've spent learning this even before you were formally qualified? How much skill you've got and what the results are that your clients and your athletes and your your people you work with actually experience and get when they work with you. How much is that worth to them and which is their health and wellness and confidence and all of not competing with anybody else. The other big thing to think about here is how can you make your competition irrelevant? How can you make your competition irrelevant so that nobody can compare you in price? They can't say 'oh well he's this much, she's that much, he's that much, so I'm gonna go with the one in the middle.' That's not an option for them when you make your competition irrelevant. So how do you make your competition irrelevant? Well there's a piece of work that was done in a book actually out there called the 'Blue Ocean Strategy' and it talks about red oceans being the place where all these sharks are swimming around, there's loads and loads of competition, hence the waters are red... and the blue ocean exists but we've got to go and find that blue ocean. What is the blue ocean for your products your service and your offering? Well very clearly there are examples where blue oceans are found. So if you look at eBay they completely redefined the auction industry and they have a complete stranglehold on that industry from an online perspective. They that was a mass-produced accessible car, the first of its kind and they just captured the market completely with the Ford Model T. What is our version of that? What is your version of that? It doesn't have to be something as big or as progressive, if you like, as something like an eBay that took advantage of the internet but what you can do is think about the packages and services that you offer to make your experience truly transformational, so that you're not just selling personal training, just selling sessions, just selling sessions of 10. You're selling a program, you sell in a course, you're selling a transformational, coaching impactful program of some kind. Sell that. Sell the outcome of that and it's Joe Bloggs the transformation coach or Joe Bloggs that sells these experiences and they can't compare you because it's a completely different experience. So go back to basics and think about what do you offer? What makes you unique? What makes you better than anybody else in your area, certainly an ideally your industry? What are you the potentially the world's best at and to make the competition irrelevant, and mean that people are knocking your door down waiting to do business with you, so you'll never be out of work, you'll always have a steady stream of clients and you'll be able to pick and choose the clients that you want to work with, rather than scrape for the clients that you don't want to work with. Thanks for watching guys and I'll be back very very soon if you've got any more questions. Make sure you hit me up in the Strength & Success groups, the Facebook group and take our Personal Performance Assessment which is free and gives you a bespoke report that helps you with your business and your mindset and to determine where you are. I think the rains just going to start chucking down here so I'm going to throw my umbrella up and keep wandering through, but thanks again for watching.

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Founder Brendan Chaplin discusses the number one to tactic to making competition irrelevant. Perfect for all Personal Trainers and Coaches who are struggling to differentiate themselves in a perceived 'crowded market.'

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