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Paraula de Pep 2

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We must be faster than the ball. and the ball must circulate very quickly from leg to leg. Our strength lies in a positional game. Keeping the ball, keeping the ball and scoring goals many attempts. Receiving the ball your opponent is the best antidote. If you already take over the ball, we need not hurry the departure of the attack, because we control the situation. It's really convenient. We can afford a very dynamic attack. However, recovering the ball is not always easy. The game ball gives us the chance to create action and automatically receives a willingness to play the opponent. MY PHILOSOPHY "Drema Team" is unique. Modesty And we do not strive at any cost, to catch them. We are not the best team in history. Five cups ... One of Cruyff'em. There were many who gained more than one trophy in one season. But after some years can be considered as a great club. The need for this time. Now of course we have great players, but Barcelona has always played the best. At first glance, few have such a talented club players. There is a coach who will do wonders if you do not have good players. The enormous talent of these players that makes everything seem easier. Talent and humility ... I think many people think that they only treat it as his job. It is not. I know that as a former footballer and now coach of the position is the same. This is a great prestige for me that I can lead the team. I am glad that the players are playing for me, and I try for them. This is ... striving for something and work. Strive At the moment we can not do anything else. You have to work hard and strive to advance their objectives. Solid work, this is our big advantage. Here are the players work, who work very hard. But above all we are trying to ... that no rival could not beat us. In every game we give it everything. We want to win match after match. It's very nakręcające. But my main goal is: to play every game at full speed. It's what we've done so far does not give us anything yet. CONSEQUENCES Tomorrow we have to do it again. The past is irrelevant. It's a good time to move forward. We can not stop. We are not able to approach each encounter with the same seriousness. Matches are important and less important. At this point, but every detail is of great importance. I have no doubt that we will fight in every match. Because we have to win everything to win. My player know this well. We have a great team and everyone knows what to do. If even for a moment to stop and stacimy continuity, then anyone can beat us. I always say to them, to forget the last match and took to the pitch focused. But I try to have players in a positive vibe from the first minutes. If we succeed, we'll just run to the end of May. And hopefully we can get the perfect cup. Everything is in our hands. This is very typical for this team. We can not be dependent on others. We go step by step. You better be very careful. Tomorrow we will try to play well to earn a valuable three points. Not won anything yet and we still have a lot of meetings. Everyone knows that this is a very hard task to maintain this form until the end of the season. But if we play like before, it may look pretty good. You can not really believe in yourself. It can make us very quickly and painfully bring to the ground. You have to stick to their principles. You can not worry about what journalists write. We become a great team, just when we do what belongs to us. Everyone. When something is falling apart, everything becomes harder. As in all other bands. Now we have a team that in the past ten years, only three times he was defeated at the Camp Nou. RESPECT Everything is very well arranged. It is a great organization. Villarreal is a fantastic team. They have very talented players. Atlético are a good team, very good. They are well organized and have everything meticulously planned. Without any pressure they can play in many different and interesting ways. We visit one of the biggest bands of the league. In the past six years, once we managed to beat them. Atlético shoots a lot of goals. Barca and Real Only shoot more goals. That means something. I have a lot of respect and admiration for one who developed this brand of the club. Do you have a chance to dethrone Madrid? Everything depends on them. I asked them about the bravery, courage, nerves ... I heard no answer, so I asked them again. Nobody is afraid. We are brave. We will step forward. Players like to play in such matches. I feel that in spite of adversity are very brave. We can not compare this game to others. The six goals at the Bernabeu is something amazing. It does not happen every day. I know that many people uszczęśliwiliśmy. I know that. * Fans of 1:00 AM welcome coach with the players who have returned from Madrid .* I'm very happy, very. This is one of the happiest days of my life. I am a coach of a team that plays the most beautiful ball and can win in style. I did not think we will be able to score enough goals. People need to be in great moods. It's like a dream. I am very, very happy. ENVIRONMENT [press, fans, experts ...] I'm not here to answer questions from the audience. I am here for people to know about my opinion. My job is not about that. I need not say what you expect from me. If you lose, you're right. If I win, that right is on my side. Do not insist. I'm not here just to ... offend the judge ... To be on the front pages of newspapers or the radio. To speak here, I have specific reasons. Work hard and the referee is often the case that makes mistakes. I do not want anyone to convince me here. I believe in your team. I'll believe in my players to finish, and rumors are going on the side track. I see them every day, like training hard and I know that they will not do any foolishness. I'm with them more often than you know about them and much more. I do not like also, like plucking my words out of context. We are adults and could use a little prudence. It seems to you that we want to buy Ribery and not thinking long it publishes. And we do not even know who contacted him. We do not conduct any negotiations. I still do not have to jurisdiction. Txiki this takes. But the names of players who you want, not on his list. You can say that we are talking of this or with that, but it simply is not. If something is true, good, but if you write something untrue, it would improve. Of course, respect your profession and I know that you have to work hard. But if you want to be a good journalist, you have to avoid such nonsense. I will be better.

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'Paraula de Pep'(Świat Pepa) to krótki filmik dokumentalny o Guardioli. Ukazuje on Pepa jako trenera Barçy z sezonu 2008-2009

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