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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~01:45:28 - 02:00:28

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"Nodo-goshi Nama!" "- I want to be beautiful. "- Yeah, but there's no milk..." "Let's go buy some." "Ask milk." "Avex Trax" "Welcome!" "Ebisu, a small luxury." "It's fun to be among you..." "Do you think this is OK to show on TV?" "We can ask the producer..." "- Finally..." "- Let's play golf!" "‘Everybody's Golf 5’ (Hot Shots Golf 5)" "Play Beyond" "...I feel lonely, so..." "11th World Championships in Athletics in Osaka, coming soon." "Who's the fastest?" "100 meters..." "...he was disqualified for flying." "And, another competitor..." "Howell's training is helping him improve the world records." "The impressive record of 9"77 was established by this man in 2005" "Mr. USA: Tyson Gay" "This man is way too fast" "Even though it is an unofficial record, he marked 9"76" "and won two competitions in the US National Track and Field Meeting." "World record holder, Mr. USA, Tyson Gay!" "He's looking forward to break the world record again." "Will he succeed? See if he does on August 25th!" "The fastest men in history" "began racing against each other here, in Athens." "The most evolved man" "will be here in Osaka this Summer." "That man is..." "He climbed to the top" "four years after his debut." "The fastest man on Earth, Asafa Powell." "In just 4 years after his debut" "Powell set an impressive world record" "and became a superstar in the process." "This first place he visited here is Japan's tallest structure, the Tokyo Tower." "Seems he has an interest for records..." "...but he may be a little bit scared of heights." "♪ You..." "This year, Powell won a big race this year" "with a record under 10 seconds." "He is ready to become world champion" "again." "Asafa Powell will compete from day 1." "Let us become witnesses of a new world record" "that will be established here in Japan." "The fastest man of the planet" "in human history..." "Kumiko Ikeda, the most beautiful long jumper in Japan." "She participated in the Paris' World Championships in Athletics" "along with her close friend." "This year she will participate in her 4th championship" "to fulfill a promise." "Kumiko Ikeda is a beautiful but strong athlete." "The national record she set last year" "is the same distance the silver medal holder of last championship jumped." "Her goal is to jump at least 7 meters." "Not only for the medal," "there is another reason." "Ikeda and Chinatsu Mori were close friends." "However..." "You'll throw 20 meters, and I'll jump 7 meters." "We'll go to the World Championships together..." "We promised that to each other..." "The 7th meter promise will be fulfilled" "Ikeda has the confidence to do so." "Ikeda will jump higher than any other athlete." "The record she promised is close." "You can keep your promise! Jump, Kumiko!" "4 years ago..." "a 17 year old girl ran in this track for the US team." "The fastest high school student is back" "as the fastest college student." "The super college student with the cutiest smile," "Allyson Felix!" "All the world took notice of her when she won a medal" "at age 17." "And in the 200 meter race in Helsinki," "she won the finals." "Allyson was at the top of the world at age 19!" "Now, at age 22," "while studying to become an elementary school teacher" "she's training hard to fulfill another dream:" "to be the first athlete to run the 200 meter race in 21 seconds." "The super college student is looking forward to win 2 races." "Allyson's reign has just begun." ♪ You're so fly you blow my heart / Hey, Mickey / Hey, Mickey ♪♪♪ "3 years ago, Koji Murofushi held the gold medal competing in this circle." "He continues working hard to become the strongest," "the hammer throw champion." "We asked Murofushi what his plans are." "I am not sure how much time will this take..." "Now, Murofushi is working on new ways to train" "to do the perfect throw." "With passion deep in his heart" "the Olympic champion, Koji Murofushi" "will mark another record." "Let's be witness of what he can accomplish." "Murofushi's challenge is not over yet." "The 11th World Championships in Athletics will begin in August 25th!" "'The strongest, tallest and most beautiful' A story that begun here in Athens." "We'll finally see her, the lady who can see the world from a high place," "Yelena Isinbayeva." "Yelena Isinbayeva." "She broke her own world record 20 times." "Let's see..." "She has no rivals." "Then, she started training under Sergey Bubka's coach, Vitali Petrov." "Isinbayeva is looking forward to break her record again, under the tutelage of a new coach." ♪'re so fly / you blow my heart / Hey, Mickey "...begins in August 25th!" "12 of his best songs, in this album." "'A Tribute to Kyohei Tsutsumi: The Popular Music', now on sale." "Being married is difficult, and they get married again..." "...with children!" "Sekisui House Drama Special 'The Long Wedding Road',' "July 30th, 9 PM!"

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera
Views: 174
Posted by: globallivesjapan on Jan 31, 2010

Rumi on her way home.

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