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KLVH-CSOKHOM Interview Part 6

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Moderator: Would it be hard to try to find him? Moderator: To track him down? Oh yeah. You don't know where, he would be. Moderator: Yeah.. But I think, if he survive, I, I don't think he survive. Yeah. Moderator: So, when was the first time you went back to Cambodia? 1994 Yeah, 1994 Moderator: And that was the first time since you've seen anybody? Yeah. Moderator: What was the trip like? Yeah, it was uh, very excited and uh... I wanted to see my, brothers and sisters, after all these years. And, you know, so, it was hard because my youngest, uh, brother, he didn't, even know me. Moderator: Rats... Sokhom: Yeah. So... Moderator: Sss, so, how long have you corresponded with them? Before, we went there. Moderator: Yeah. Um... Well, I, after we knew that they were, still alive and you know? And came back the hometown, uh, in 1989.... and until 1994 that, we got to see them again. So that, 5 years had passed. Moderator: So.... Moderator: I mean, do you still have like, Moderator: Ill feelings about that whole experience or... Moderator: Are you, you feel... Moderator: Like you've forgiven that whole situation? Moderator: Or... Yeah, well, I feel like I was the luckiest one in my family. I had better education. I had better life, you know uh, than, my brothers and sisters. And um, you know, sometime, I feel guilty also. Cause like, family in Cambodia, you know, the oldest ones, uh, turn like the father, or the, the mother. you know. The one who is a, supposed to be, a, caretaker, of the, the younger ones, you know. Uh, when mother and fathers pass away, or even if mother, the parents, still arrive. So you know, the older ones, take care of the younger ones. So sometime, I feel guilty also, that I could not, you know, help them as much as I wanted to. You know? I was the lucky one. Uh... My mother, gave me, you know, a, a... better..of course, the oldest one, you know, you, you, have to do, you had more, than the younger ones. Uh.. education and all the other stuff. Yeah. Moderator: So... Moderator: what else... Moderator: Um... Moderator: Um, Moderator: Do you think you survived for any particular reason? Moderator: Like, do you feel like you had a certain skill Moderator: or talent and that's why Moderator: You survived when so many people died? Moderator: during the Khmer Rouge? Umm... I don't know if you call it skill but I you know, uh, I did as much as I could, to stay out of trouble, you know. Whatever that trouble is, you know? If they told me to go to work harder, I work hard and, you know, if they told me not to do things, I don't, I didn't do things, even though, how difficult, it might be. Uh... That's the one thing, and another thing, is maybe pure luck, I mean, you know, it just so happened that I was, lucky that, I uh, uh, moved from my hometown. My home province, to a different province. I moved at the end of 1974. From hometown, to a different town. To the Western Province. Of Cambodia. It was just, its more like, umm... you know, I could, I could not tell. more like luck. You know. Suddenly, I feel like I wanna move. At that time. Transfer, to, to study, at different school. Yeah, at different province. Had I stayed behind, over there, had I stayed there, I would've gotten killed. Because they knew me. They killed my mother. Because they knew, my mother, was the wife of a, opposing army. Of the enemy. So I was part of the enemies too. And also, at that time, they tried to kill, you know, uh educated people, students, teachers, you know. doctors, professors and all that. Yeah. So... I was sure, to get killed if I stayed there. In my hometown. But it was so, I, you know, for me, it was more like, luck. Moderator: Done? Moderator: I guess so. Okay. Moderator: Well, thank you for sharing the story Pu. Okay. Moderator: Thanks, Pa. Sokhom: Well, I hope it can be useful. Moderator: Thanks.

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Part six of six of an interview with a Cambodian genocide survivor. Carrollton, TX, 10/22/07

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