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Teacher`s interview

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As a discipline teacher to conclude about truancy this issue need to be addressed by all parties The reasons why I said that because The attendance of students in this school sometimes can reach lower than 80% There are two types of truancy which is absenteeism in school and skip classes during teaching and learning session. First of all, when we were informed by their teacher about their students absenteeism, weather they are absent from school or absent from their classes We will take immediate action by calling their parents. We will ask the parents if their children are at home or at school. If the parents said their children is at school, discipline unit will take actions or ask their friends of their whereabouts. We will go to the town and look for them if they are outside school. We will ask their friends to look for them if they are still in the school compound. So far, the action that we have took is not 100% effective but when we use roll book and their peers, it helps to decrease this issue. For instance, we use roll book to tick attendance of the students in every subject. We use demerit system and if the students skip one class, they will get 2 demerit points for not attending one class. If there are ten periods in one day, this students potentially will be suspended from school in two days or school will issue them warning letter So, our approach did helps a little although it is not 100% effective. Actually, teacher should not give up. Before we raise the "white flag" or surrender, we should try our best to guide our students to the right path.

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