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Are You Ready 1/3

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It is my first time. Nervous ...Nervous Let's kneel for him To let him know how we actually feel This is burdensome, Hyung! It's ok. Just relax How can i relax under such circumtances? Just relax If you answer incorrectly, you dead! This is my first time Yet you are kneeling It is very burdensome My heart is about to jump out This is my first time This is unfair! That is why.... You just have to get it correct The Last Challenger No. 8 - No Hongchul Challenger No Hongchul Are you ready? I am too nervous First time we have seen Hongchul so nervous Hongchul-ah! This is the last question What hanja is this? (He musn't) (Please) (But he seems getting increasingly unsettled) Wrong! Wait, wait. You guys kneeled for me I was too pressure You made me laugh as well, Hyung. Quickly, Go out! Hongchul, you better be mentally prepared (You will be beaten up) I will beat you up You better be mentally prepared for that (Blood pressure goes up) Reflection time for No Hongchul Kang Hodong stands up to dish out the punishment You can see how frighten is from his expression ( Hongchul reacting to the sound ) I hated you in the first place I will just hit you with this i want to change my role Hyung! Hyung! I will do better next time Look at that! Hyung-nim! Give it to me! Hit me Hit me Alright! i got it Just hit! I got it, i got it Scared me to death Kang Hodong is having too much fun Let me ask a question Do you prefer Yoo Jaesuk or Kang Hodong? What? (Who is Jaesuk) Who is Jaesuk?! Ah what do i do. The calm before the storm What was that? What was that? No Hongchul , return to your seat Are you performing Buddha or something? ( I have come to bless you ) ( Finally. the two of them hug ) Kang Hodong , Kang Hodong! And just like that , the night falls... The 100 word-exam. The 8th Challenger Are you ready? I am ready! This is hanja what all the men here about Hyo Joo. What is it? What is it? " Affection " Pass WE ARE READY! What is the next mission? The master has come out... Behind you. "Man. Hanja. " ( This time, he also leaves after bowing ) Master! He is quite a character! Pd, are we to make Hanja using our bodies? Is that what he meant? Yes, you are correct This is the power of Education Today's Final Mission. Hunan Hanja. Human Hanja All members must participate In forming 4 word idiom They have 10 chances to do it. With a time limit of 60 seconds Will they able to complete the final's mission? We don't want to do this mission immediately We wasted too much time just now He kept asking us to practice! That Hyung, Pd just there calmly Keep telling us to be prepared Why don't we split ourselves into two teams? So they started doing Hanja warm-ups Heaven Teams vs. Earth Teams Give us Jiwon But have even number now Why don't you send us someone you don't want to. We can't do that! If Mr. Beautiful (Haejin) or Jongmin comes over, were dead! Why don't you send Hodong over? No! no! Most importanly, Hanja has many short strokes. (A body shape that is suitable for short strokes) We shall officially start now. ( Heaven Team starts the attack ) This side... the camera is facing this side. You are just like me! " Big " " Too " ( Jongmin is lying down ) Surely he is not thinking of sitting on him? ( His legs is about to break ) (What word are they trying to form? ) ( Their posture is rather puzzling..) What is this? " Mouth " ( Haejin and Hoojoo are just watching ) Sit down. Like this? This is the mouth Refering to the shape of the character Square Heaven Team's turn again Short brush strokes flying around! Gather! Gather! Gather! " River " Earth Team wants to form the word "Fire" Jump up to form a dot ( Yes they did jump... ) ( A dot with long legs ) (Hard to recognize no matter how you see it) (At this time... Hodong) His face started getting red ( Breathing Fire ) ( Bring in your legs!) ( Eeek it's hot. ) ( The amazing "Fire" performance) We are doing the "earth" next Hyoojoo don't join in I'll go over that side Jongmin is replacing Jongmin Can i stand in front? Should i jump facing up or down? Run over and fly over I am not a bird... How am i to fly? ( Jongmin is starting to get uneasy ) Jump up from here and .. Start to fly. I will catch you here Hyung, If you're unable to catch Jongmin, We will consider the word complete When he comes over, please freeze frame He will run over there Start further away I trust Hodong Hyung. Believe in me! Any last wishes? Quick, jump over here! Jump up , and i will catch you. ( Unreliable laughter ) ( Jongmin is feeling uneasy ) I'm coming GO! You did well ! You did well. " Shortstrokes " lies down once again ( Long above and short stroke ) That is... " Knight " PD, we have completed our warm-ups perfectly Now, we are ready to complete our last mission We are ready! Now, we will start our last mission You have 10 chances and a time limit of 60 seconds All 8 members must participate in forming 4-word idiom Does the time limit include the time we take to write the word? Yes, it is included Time is very short " To kill two birds with a stone " Kim Jongmin will be the first I will just write it randomly Ready, Start! Watch the time, hurry! We can start, the moment he write the first word, right? Time is running out! ( He just wrote " one " and " two ") ( Obviuosly he doesn't know how to write the " stone " ) Come back! Only Kim Jongmin can write

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ep 1 part 3

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