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Fabrizio De André - Il sogno di Maria (sub ita, sub eng)

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MARY’S DREAM - In the damp and dark womb of the temple, the shadow was cold, swollen of incense; the angel came down, like every night, to teach me a new prayer Then, suddenly, he loosed my hands And my arms became wings, when he asked me – “do you know the summer?” – I, for one day, for a moment, ran to see the colour of the wind. We really flew over the houses, beyond the gates, the gardens and the streets; then we slid in flowering valleys, where the screw embraces the olive. We went down there, where the day lose and lonely seek itself, hidden by greenery, and he spokes as if you pray, and at the end of each prayer he counted a vertebra of my back. The long shadows of the ministers forced the dream in a circle of voices. With the wings of before I tried to run away but the arm was naked and could not fly; then I saw the angel turn into a comet and the stern faces became stone, their arms profiles of branches, in the motionless gestures of another life, the hands were leaves, the fingers thorns. Street voices, noises of people stole me from the dream to give me back to the present. The image faded, the colour faded, but the distant echo of short words repeated the strange prayer of an angel where maybe it was dream, but sleep it was not. “They will call him the son of God”: confused words in my mind vanished in a dream, but impressed in the womb. And the word now exhausted Broke into tears, but fear from the lips gathered into eyes half-closed in the gesture of an apparent calm that is consumed while waiting an indulgent look. And you, softly, laid the fingers on the brim of his brow Old people, when they caress, are afraid to make too strong.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 51 seconds
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
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Posted by: davide on Dec 1, 2014


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