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How to cut a cold with peroxyde - H2O2 | Comment couper une grippe avec du peroxyde - H2O2

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Hello! Today I will show you how to cut a flu When you feel that you will have it. Here is Dr. Claude Philippon chiropractor, creator of the site My mission is dedicated to promoting the well-being, which is directly connected to your vital energy. We are currently in a period when, flu clings to us. Everyone gives the hand. Everyone puts his hand on the door knob. Everyone passes the money. We go to the ATM, and we touch on all sorts of points. And the person before us has a big flu, a bad cold. There is a time in the season when contamination is universal. On the other hand, how is it that some people will have it, and others will not get it? Well, those who will have it, are those whose immune system is lower. Today, I do not want to talk about the causes that make your immune system low. Listen to my other videos and you will understand. On the other hand, I, as a chiropractor, when I'm about to adjust a patient, And that this patient there, has a cough, he is not good, and he comes to his treatment anyway. And here I am close to him. And at one point he sneezed without holding on. I get it all in the face. I am forced to breathe it, And it tastes even in the back of my throat. Here, I know that I have been contaminated. I have this chance. Also, it looks like it in my throat after scratching. And I feel that I will have it. What do I do? It's my job. I have my tricks. That's the trick, I want to give you today. You will be surprised, SURPRISED at what I will teach you. You know in life, the most important gas, What is it? You should know that. What is the most important gas? It's OXYGEN! Because we can stop eating for a long time. But, we cannot stop breathing for a long time. Why oxygen is so important in our body? Because the oxygen we breathe goes to the brain, goes into our bodies, our muscles need it. And besides H2O is the formula for water. And the body is made up almost entirely of water. Obviously, there's carbon, hydrogen and so on. It remains that oxygen is primordial in the body. Well, imagine that you would be able to increase your oxygen capacity. What would it do? It would increase your immune system. At the same time, in our body, we have two kinds of cells, I want to say. We have our cells in our body, that need oxygen to live. And we have all invaders, that feed from our bodies, and who do not need oxygen to function. It's interesting what I'm saying. Because the cells that we carry, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and so on, Are all substances that feed on the body, that do not require oxygen to function. Worse than that, when they happen to see oxygen they are burned, they are then eliminated. So what I do myself, is that I will increase my oxygen. And how do I do that? Very simply, and that's what I show you today. When I see that I will have it, when I see that my throat is irritated. And I say to myself: Ho! I must do something immediately. To help my body, so now, what I'm going to do, Is that I will burn instantly all these viruses, these fungi, the junk that is lurking in the back of the throat. And I will rise in oxygen The energy that goes into my organs, in my glands. That they need this oxygen to make the defensive corps of my body. And in order to increase the rate of oxygen it takes me to a surplus of oxygen. Where do I get it? Do I get it from breathing? No, I'll go look for it in hydrogen peroxide. So I go to the pharmacy, and buy a bottle of peroxide 3%. I take a glass of water. You see how much water? In reality, there should be a little more. I take a tablespoon of peroxide 3%, I put it in the water. I take the water and I put it in my throat. And I reject the excess at the sink. I'll do it with the entire glass. And if there is a drop or two that goes straight it's great. So, remember that when you gargle your throat with peroxide, you are cleaning your body. If you take the peroxide for example, which is a powerful disinfectant, it is the oxygen that is in it. On a hand that is clean, it will flow like water. But if there are bacteria, viruses, a cut, whatever, it will boil. So it's important to understand at that time, you are about to give yourself literally a treatment. That will burn bacteria, fungi, viruses, and so on. And who will clean you up. You will have a sense of immediate release. And I, I happened to repeat it two or three times in one day. The next day, it's over, there is nothing. Let me conclude by saying that if you feel that there is something wrong in your well-being and energy. This is because there was stress in your life. The greater the stress, the lower your immune system is. Because your resistance is low. And then the flu grab you. It's a way to express myself. And behind that, there is always stress. And that's why I wrote a French white paper on stress to help you see clearly. If you have not done it yet go on And download my free French white paper to better understand what is happening In our brains, our nervous system, and our bodies when we are caught by the stress of life. I'll see you on In the meantime, I wish you a good contagious health!

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