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Pre-MBA Program at SDSU's American Language Institute

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My name is Maria Sol Arteaga. I'm from Ecuador. My name is Albert Jorissen. I'm from Germany. And I'm here in the United States in the Pre MBA Program. And I came to San Diego to find a program to study a Master's program. A Pre-MBA program is an amazing program in which you will learn how to get rid of your fears about the GMAT exam. Everybody has heard about the GMAT exam but here, you'll learn to build your skills in work teams with your partners, with international students and you feel home while you are learning. The teachers are awesome. They are very helpful. And I liked them very much. With some of the advisers and some teachers I have a good friendship. The advisers and teachers were like my best friends. I met them daily. And because of them, now I'm applying to Florida International University for an International Business Master's degree and I'm ready to start my higher education here in America. When you're in class, you feel like you're home. You can talk, you can be free, you can learn a lot. It's an environment in which you'll learn from international students from all around the country and your teachers make you feel free to say whatever you want and learning at the same time. Guys, come to ALI - you'll love it! The American Language Institute is located at San Diego State University Our address is 5250 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182 For more information, visit us online at call us at (619) 594-5907 or email us at [email protected] We're looking forward to seeing you in San Diego!

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Posted by: sdsuces on Feb 23, 2009

The Pre-MBA Program is designed for students and professionals who want to advance their career opportunities by obtaining a business degree in the U.S. The Pre-MBA Program benefits students by helping them:

Prepare for the GMAT and TOEFL admissions exams

Develop the advanced writing, speaking, and academic skills required in U.S. graduate business programs

Expand their knowledge of U.S. academic and business culture and practices

Learn how to work effectively with students from many different countries

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