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A Movement of Consciousness

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global oneness project A Movement of Consciousness We have been formulated to think that there's the people here, the planet here, the animals here, the water here. We have been conditioned to be separate. Julia Butterfly Hill - Oakland, California - Environmentalist and Social Activist Separate makes us good consumers. Separate makes us good followers of bad leaders. That's what separate does to us. So we are imaged constantly in this culture to be separated in our consciousness. And so I find it even in the movement of consciousness, which is what I call the movement of which social justice is a facet, environmental justice is a facet, animal rights is a facet, gender rights a facet. All of these are facets of one movement. But we think and act like movements--plural. And we even say it. The social justice movement, the ecological justice movement. And as a result, we're moving in all these different directions, which is only further ripping us apart, when what we need to be doing is rooting back down in our connection. And that day when I climbed to the top of the tree and got it-- the clear-cuts are the inner landscape as well-- that we have gotten so separated in our thinking that we don't recognize that we are all one--all of us, everything that ever has been. Take a breath. You're connected to everything that ever has been, everything that is, and everything that ever will be. We're connected whether we like it or not. [laughs] And so our challenge as a movement of consciousness is how do we reconnect our consciousness and recognize that what you do to the planet you do to its people and to the animals and to the children yet to come and on and on and on. And for me when I got that awakening, it created this synergy inside of me that my choices began to change. I could not make choices in a numb, disconnected way anymore. Every time I pick up something or go to say something or make a decision on what's the next best action, it's this consciousness of oneness that's saying, how are these things related, and how do I make a choice that best serves and heals this wounded community that we're all a part of now? - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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Posted by: global on Dec 15, 2009

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