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2017 - My Profile Page (English)

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Walk you through each section of the profile page. Okay, so lets go girlfriend. Alright, first thing to know is that in general the profile page will be located in your sales force drop-down under 'My Profile'. Okay and it's in the 'My Sales' not your My.Tupperware. That is correct. So it's in 'My Sales' guys. The next thing important to know is that for new consultants, new consultants always have the pop-up when they first logged in to update their password and their security question. They're going to continue to receive that except now when they get that pop-up, it's going to take them to the profile page. They cannot move from the profile page until they update their password as well as their security settings. Okay, so for all of you all who, if you did like I did when I was doing what you all do, I would set up their website because it was just easier to go in and set it up. Now this is on the 'My Sales' guys so make sure that you're telling your new recruits. If I just recruited Nora, right, and I set up her website, I'm not going to go into the 'My Sales' part of Nora's website, there's no reason for me to. So when Nora goes in and she clicks on 'My Sales', that's where she's going to get the pop-up that's going to say you need to change your password, right. Correct. Because remember guys, their password when they first get recruited is the last four digits of their social security and we want them to change that, right Brooke? Yes, that's correct. Okay, so, make sure that you're reminding them as soon as they log on for the first time into their My.Tupperware page, that when they go to 'My Sales' they make sure that they get all of that changed. That's correct, as well as they really should, since their in the 'My Profile', go ahead and check each section and update where necessary so that we have the most recent information. Right, which that is for everybody too right? Exactly. So the next thing is for everybody else. So if you're not a new consultant logging in for the first time, but we want to just the one time pop-up that reminds you that we have this profile page available. So everyone else will get a one-time pop-up the first time you login to 'My Sales' that will drop you on the profile page so that you can go in and update it. Well it drops you— the pop-up comes on, you hit "OK" and then it takes you to the profile page. Correct. Okay, okay. So what's on the profile page Brook? So let's walk through the different sections. So, as you guys can see, this is the first section. This section is the overview. Now everything is available on this. You can click on any of these sections and it expands so that you can update the information. Okay. So the first section we're going to talk about is the personal information section. So, you have multiple new sections in here including the recognition name as well as the recognition photo, the passport details and the jacket size. Now, I know Cheryl wanted to give some example of explaining the recognition name. Okay, so on the recognition name guys, at the very top, that's your legal given name which appears on your drivers license right? Correct. But if you have a recognition name, and I'll give you an example; At Jubilee, our princess, her legal name is Kristen O'Donnell, right. She was one of our panel trainers and she goes by Krissy. And that's what she wants to be called, she wants to be called Krissy not Kristen. So now, Kristen can go in and where it says recognition name, she can type in Krissy. And then when we're posting recognition, they will use that name because that's the name that she wants to be known as right? As Krissy. That's correct. But we have to have the legal name for all of the 1099 forms and all of that okay guys. And then we also have the place where you can put your picture. Now many of you all that went to Jubilee, you were in the expo and you got your professional picture done which was so cool because I've been seeing it on Facebook. So, you can upload that picture there if you've already had it done or it you've been at DSS and had it done, or you can send in—you can upload one of your own okay, and if you'll notice to the right, I said to Brook, it says "Pending", what does that mean? Okay, so what happens is, there's three features in the profile page that require approval from Tupperware. That includes the recognition name, because remember, we just need to make sure it's appropriate that you don't use like Minnie Mouse. Right, which would not be approved. Or you don't put you and your husband or partner because it can only be a single name. Right. The recognition photo— Also has to be approved. It needs to be approved because it can't be blurry. There's going to be a link that will give you a question mark, so you can click on it and it gives you some tips for the photo such as a solid background, shoulders up, clear. So obviously if you send in a picture of your cat or your dog, we're not going to be able to approve it. And they want it to be a single picture of you right? Yes exactly, not a family photo, correct. Not a family or even you and your husband partner or you and your dog or cat or bird or whatever. Exactly. Just a picture of you okay. And then at the bottom guys, where it says passport details and jacket size, this is optional okay. It does not have to be filled in. It is strictly optional. Now the reason it's there though is when we're doing trips, right, and they're booking them from the event department, they have to have passport numbers especially if you're traveling outside of the U.S. okay. And a lot of our trips, they are outside of the U.S. So that information's already there so it's great. And then jacket size, that would be something like for example; last year when we did the team jackets, and we used it as a leadership step-up award, if you put your jacket size in there, it gives the team here an idea of the range sizes they need to be looking at to order for that okay. But once again, it's purely optional, you do not have to fill them in. Correct? Exactly. Okay. Now Cheryl, like you mentioned with the pending and the approved, so there's a pending and an approved and a declined status. As you can see on the right hand side, it'll either show in one of those three status's. Once it's been approved or declined, you will receive an email confirmation from Tupperware letting you know whether it's been approved. If it hasn't been approved, that it's been declined and the reason it's been declined so that you can update the information and send it back in for approval again. Yes, perfect-o, so pretty simple guys. It pretty much walks you through everything that you need. Exactly. So on the— the next section that you can review is your profile page. On the profile page, there's actually only one field that you're able to update and that's your unit/team name. Everything else would be like your up line information so that you can have easy access to view that. So if it says right here guys, if you're looking and if you can see it on the screen, where it says unit team name. So if, like when I was a Manager, my unit name was 'The Class Act' right, that was my unit name. If you have a unit name here, when you become a Director, if for some reason you decide you want to change that, then you can go in and you can change it right here right? Correct. And then once again, this has to be pending approval from Tupperware too, right? That's correct. So once again, an email will be sent whether it's been approved or if not approved and the reason why so that you can pick another name. That's correct. If you want to keep—If I was a Manager now and my unit name was 'The Class Act' and I became a Director and I wanted to keep that, then it would just stay the same, right? Exactly, like right now we'll send an email when you become a Director asking you to call Platinum support to update it. Now, we"ll just tell you to go to your profile page and make sure you have it. And just update it right there if you need to. Exactly. Okay, anything else on here Brook? Nope. That's the only thing in regards to what they can update. So now we're going to talk about the contact information. So the contact information is where you keep your phone number information for your mobile, your home, your work. You can add as many phone numbers as you want. You're not limited like you are in the current address set-up to only three phone numbers. If you have five different phone numbers you can add five different phone numbers. Well if you have five different phone numbers God bless you! But you'll also be able to do the preferred contact method which means you can do email or phone call. Right, so I ask this question, I said 'Well, what if I want to be texted?' because I like to get text messages because sometimes I don't always go an look at my...voice mail's guys. And Brook said "No, can't do that because..." Because Tupperware has land lines and not cell phones, we do not have the ability to be able to text. Okay, so this would be your phone to call and or to email. Okay, and then the contact time? The contact time, so everybody is going to be defaulted to the anytime, which is 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. But if you prefer to get your phone calls from us let's say we're returning a call, maybe in the morning or in the evening, mid-afternoon, you can actually change that preferred contact time and customer care will do their best, we can't make promises, but will do their best to try to contact you during the time-frame in which you prefer it. Right, and this would be the same true for platinum but remember Platinum is available until 6:00, and after that it's customer care so that they would also do their best; if you want to be contacted at 9 p.m. Eastern time then customer care would do their best to contact you at that time-frame. Correct. Okay, it's not a guarantee but they'll do their best. Exactly. Okay, perfect-o. Alright, address set up. The address information. So pretty much what this is is this is your address set-up that was in your sales force drop-down, address set-up, it's just been moved. And it's been enhanced to look a little bit visually appealing. It's still the primary, the alternate, and the mailing address. So let's give them an example like when we were meeting. Okay, so here's an example. Of why you might have three in there. So here's and example of why you may have three in there. You would have a primary address which may be your home address. Your home address. An alternate which may be work or a friends house. Right. And you have a mailing address. Why would you have a mailing address different from your primary? Well if you live in a rural area, where the post office won't deliver to your physical address, you have to have a P.O. box. Therefore, the difference between having a physical address and a P.O. box in the system. Right, and the same thing if you're military, right? Exactly. So if you're military you would want to— because you move, and you're living on a military base, we would need that under the mailing address. Exactly. Right, so that would be the example of why you would possibly might have three different addresses in there. Exactly. But for most people, it's your primary which is your home and then an alternate which is whatever you prefer that to be. So, okay, perfect-o. Then we have the payment information. Yay! This is a happy! [bell ringing] So, what this means is instead of, so now my credit card is expired but it's still in my drop-down, what do I have to do? Right now you have to call customer care. You have to call customer care. Every single time. Now, guess what? You have the ability to manage your credit cards on what shows and what doesn't show in 'My Sales' yourself. Yay! Go to your payment information section and there's a little delete button to delete the credit card. There's a plus button if you want to add a new credit card to have on file for easy access, as well as the Tupperware card enrollment. In the log in, the button that shows up on the right hand side of your party history page, is also moving here. It'll be a link now within here so all your payment needs will be in one stop location. One spot guys, like that is such a happy! [bell ringing] Okay, so... Alright, the security is what we talked about at the beginning when we talked about what the new Consultant has to do but for everybody else, if you want to change your password, again, it just moved. It was originally in the 'Sales Force' drop-down under password, now it's in the profile page under 'Your Security'. You just go in here and just follow the same prompts and steps that you followed before. Alright, so if you choose to change your security question, which is your password and then your security question might be like, what was your mothers maiden name or what was your address when you were in middle school or whatever. Whatever the security question you pick, you can then pick a new one if you choose to, put that answer in there and then you can also update your password. It all happens in one—it's like a one-stop shopping. Exactly. So, okay, perfect-o. So, we have this demographic screen in which you have the ability to be able to update and provide us with information that we would use for marketing purposes in the future. Internal marketing in the future. We will not be selling— your name will not be sold to a list of any kind guys. Once again, this is all purely optional. Exactly. You can fill in—if you just want to fill in one little range right there right? Exactly. One field? Yes, this is no different than if you were to get one of those warranty cards. Like on a T.V. And at the bottom it has where it asks for optional information, you can choose whether or not you want to fill it out and provide it. If you only want to fill out partial, you can fill out partial. Right. So you can fill it all out, you can fill one or two of those fields out or you can leave it all blank. It is totally, 100% up to you. Exactly. And the last section that we have is the SMS Subscriptions. Again, this is no different than it was before it's just been moved. So instead of in the sales force drop-down, a separate link for SMS Subscriptions. It's now in the 'My Profile' under SMS Subscriptions. The rules and everything else stay the same. Right. Everything stays the same. And I think that's pretty much it on the profile page right Brook? That is correct. So pretty simple, pretty easy and you know what guys, everything is really intuitive. So go in there, when you're playing around when it opens up, you can't mess up anything right Brook? Exactly. Okay so, yeah Brook yeah! [bell ringing] Thanks everybody. Next Tuesday, August 15 is when it opens up for everybody. [female in audience] I do have a question for Brook, will Business Leaders be able to access team names of their company members? The question was will Business Leaders be able to access team names of their company members. That is something that we are looking at. It's not something that'll be available coming next Tuesday but it is something that we're looking at for future enhancements. It'll be future but for right now because this is on the profile page, it's indicative to that one...I can get into it, unless I give my password and everything to my business leader right. Correct. But otherwise, because it's protected, then therefore not right now but it is something that is being looked into. Correct. Okay, good question. Thank you. Okay Yeah. Thank you. So, we have another question? Okay, Anna has something. It's on the recognition name Brook. Is that first name only? The recognition name is their full name, whatever they want to go as their recognition. Full name, first and last. So if it's Kristin O'Donnell and you want to change it to Krissy, it would be Krissy O'Donnell right. Another example, maybe everyone will know this one because I know we talked about it is Micky Anderson. Her legal name is Michelle. Right. Nobody knows her as Michelle right. Everybody knows Micky and Mark Anderson. But Micky would then put Michelle at the top because that's her legal birth given name, and then she would put Micky but she would also have to put Anderson because that's how it would appear in the recognition that we do. Great. Okay so, thanks Brook.

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2017 - My Profile Page (English)

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