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If you are running a Q and A, there are several ways to get your final content to appear on you page. To begin with, you will notice that under your answers tab, both here and on your main page, there are no entries. To remedy this, go to your main page after having logged in. In addition to your content you will also see a small gray box that will allow you to classify your content... well as to associate an answer with it. The first thing you need to do is to tell the system which questions you really want answered. To do this, simply find a question and click on "Promote." This will then move that question into the answers tab... ...where you will be able to see a list of your respondents, and clicking on them will show you their answers. To begin with, of course they do not have an answer; this will allow you the option to have your users email them... to let them know that you would like them to provide an answer. If, however, we have an answer we would like to associate with the question, we simply select the respondent... ...find the URL for that respondent's answer. Paste it into the "Answer's URL" field, click, "Answer's URL," and then... ...that answer is associated with the question. If we reload this page, we will now see that [this] respondent's name is blue. Clicking on that name will then load their [answer]. We, of course, can also do this from your management page. Once you have promoted a question, it will show up on your management page, and you can simply, again, select the respondent, find the answer's URL... ...paste it in the "Answer's URL" field, and it will be associated with that question. Reloading the page, we now see the second respondent's answer is linked and available. You also have the option of displaying your questions and answers side by side under the answers tab... ...either ranked by highest rated question first or newest promotion first. This is helpful if you are doing a rolling forum in which case, for example, every week you may promote a new question... be answered, and would like this to always show up at the top.

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