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2872 Having a Mammogram script V2 Approved

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Hello. You have been asked to have a mammogram which is a special type of X-Ray designed to look specifically at breast tissue. This is a simple and quick procedure and we recommend that you wear trousers or a skirt, rather than a dress, as you have to undress to your waist. On the day of your appointment, please do not use any deodorant, body sprays or moisturisers on the skin on or around the breast as this can alter the quality of the images. Many ladies like to bring a partner, friend or relative with them. Please be aware that they will not be allowed inside the examination room, but can be there to keep you company. If you are currently breastfeeding, are pregnant, or have had a mammogram at any unit within the last six months, please let us know, as we may rearrange your appointment. And if you are feeling unwell on the day of your appointment or are unable to attend for any other reason, please let us know a soon as possible. The examination will take about 10 minutes and we recommend that you plan to arrive 15 minutes before your allocated time so that you have time to sort out parking and to relax. The staff who will take the mammograms are called mammographers, and are all women. They will guide you through the process and are on hand to answer your questions. With assistance from the mammographer, you will need to place your breast on the mammogram machine and then a plastic plate lowers down and partially flattens your breast. This helps to keep your breast still and is essential to produce a clear image. This can be uncomfortable, but doesn't last for long. Two x-rays will be taken of each breast so that we can see them from different angles. The mammograms only take a few minutes, and then you will be able to get dressed and go home. Once your mammogram is complete, please ask your mammographer how the results will be shared with you. If you have any questions please phone the Breast Care team on the number provided on your appointment letter and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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2872 Having a Mammogram script V2 Approved

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