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Movies In Minutes - Never Say Never

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[Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber] Wannabe Celebrity Douche [Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber] Oh, are you recording, I’m Rustin Hieber and you are about to see how incredible my life is. [Text] Source: Never Say Never Daily Life of Rustin Hieber Oh, I am better than most people in life. From there I put on oh look he probably has more money than you clothes and head out. Why do I head out? Obviously to show off my new kicks! Oh you thought I meant shoes, no! I mean real kicks. I probably practice my kicks 7 times a year (kicking air) no big deal. And then I head on inside and work on my new single that’s coming out soon, Never Say Never. I will never, I will never, (clears throat) I will never say. Oh maybe I wasn’t quite finished but I tried it in many different ways. I tried it with a deep sexy sexy voice: “I will never say never”. I tried a little bit higher a pre-puberty song: “I will never say never”. (high pitch) More, country: “I will never say never”. Emo: “I will never say never”. (cries). And I even did it, Doggy Style: “Rolf rolf whoof whoof rolf”. Then I was like, wait! It doesn’t even matter. Autotune: “I will never say never”. Then I realized there was another problem! I will never say never. Wait, I just said it twice. I will never say never, unless I need to! I might sometimes say, I may, I probably won’t, I know you love me, I will never say never unless the circumstances are appropriate for the situation I’m in for the current time. You know sometimes during the day I go to visit my Vocal-stiloiger-izer-ist and he helps me sing just a tab bit better than I already am. [JR Aquino - Vocal Coach] Oooooooooo oooo oooo ooo [Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber] Source: (harsh vocal sound) [JR Aquino - Vocal-stiloiger-izer-ist Coach] I don’t know why he choose singing it boggles my mind. [JR Aquino - Vocal Coach] Oooooooooo oooo oooo ooo yeahhh [Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber] (off key vocal sound) [JR Aquino - Vocal Coach] Oooooooooo oooo [Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber] Source: That’s what I’m doing! [JR Aquino - Vocal Coach] If he was santa during christmas, I mean everyone, I mean everyone would be upset cause he has no gifts. [Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber] You know one of the most popular questions I get all the time, hey Rustin, how’s your love life? Let me tell you, when I was 13 I had my first love, there was nobody that could compare to my baby, there was nobody that could ever come between us, that could ever come above, and I was like: “Baby, baby, baby, baby, oh”. I’m a tell you one time. Girl I love, girl I love, I love you, that’s all I need, I just need somebody to love, that way there will be one less lonely girl. Cause when you smile, I smile, so please be a part of my world. 2.0. [Girl] You high? [Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber] Source: What? [Girl] Are you on drugs? That made no sense! [Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber] What? No! Never Say Never to drugs, yes I’m “Never say never”. (Unless if its to drugs) Well maybe sometimes! [Ryan Higa as Rustin Hieber - Sings] Yeah, yeahhh – autotune See I never thought that I could be a singer, and I’m not And I never thought I’d be six fee tall, I’m short I never thought I’d be a telemarketer, would you like to buy ____ I never thought never did think I’d fall, what! Source: You should give everything you have, but remember this I will sometimes say never I said it 6 times so far I will eat peanut butter Just cause it rhymes Whenever my dog makes poo, you know what I make you do Pick it up Pick it up Pick it up Pick it up Up Up UP Unless you say never I I sometimes say never I I sometimes say never I I sometimes say never Repetition is catchy TEEHEE

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Duration: 4 minutes and 56 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Ryan Higa
Director: nigahiga
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Mar 7, 2011

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