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C3L11: Service Wave

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Its a little more difficult to see this S curve on the serve for most people, but you all are not most people. You have had 3 months inundation of the 45, figure 8 and the S curve. I am pretty sure you will be able to see this and imagine how this actually works. You can see at the bottom here the roundness of the bottom of the figure 8 and as the hips slide out it goes from concave here to convex and then lays into the serve. That's the pronation everyone talks about in the serve. There is so much more to fill in the gaps before you get to that point. Here is a straight on view which is interesting. You can see the hips are doing its thing he gets into this roundness and Warren has got a big serve for a skinny kid. He is lined up in the 45 and there he shifts from concave to convex. Now he is coming through the sign curve racket face is still laid open but as he gets closer to the 45 the racket merges with the ball there at the 45, its that infinite point, between concave and convex again. Its a little easier to see from the side, see if you can see it now. There is the roundness of the body, see the hips have already started the serve. He is lining up the 45, see the bottom of the figure 8 there with the racket roundness. Now this is sort of the mid point as his hips slide forward now they are about to open up into the front side of the figure 8 as they do that his arm, his elbow is pivotal from concave there to convex. Then as he gets closer to the ball, right in the sign curve it almost once gets to a straight line, as it makes contact with the ball. Merging with the ball at the 45 degree angle. Warren gets a lot of height and a lot pop on his serve. Try to see this and notice this figure 8 if you look for it. Made with the hips with racket that sign curve that goes up to the ball.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 7, 2014

The geometry of the serve.

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