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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 8/15

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Well, it is of a hyperdimesional effect. These are harnessing hyperdimensional energy because a hyperdimesional is what makes the matter that is building the stones. Let me say that again. The matter that makes these stones, the stone itself, the actual hard stuff is built from hyperdimensional energy, energy from the time field is flowing into our space-time. That's what according to Doctor Dewey Larson, all matter is built from is this hyperdimensional exchange between three dimensional time and three dimensional space, that's all there is. So, of course you are going to get time anomalies but it's also the energy that builds you. It builds your DNA, it builds your body so when you get more of it flowing through you, you are gonna have more health and vitality. Because it's the energy of your consciousness, because it is consciousness, it is also going to give you a more advanced intellect. So the way that we can actually prove that this global grid, these energy lines, has a hyperdimensional effect that can completely pull you out of our three space of lenght width and height, the three dimensional world, is with the research of Ivan Sanderson. Investigated a massive number of different desappearances of ships and airplanes. What he did is he took everything form every single ancient... ah, I'm sorry. Everything from the dawn of aviation, all the way back to the first airplanes and even before that from the marine records. He looked for every case of dissapearance since planes were discovered and he found that the majority of what he was finding all clustered around 12 points on the earth's surface. That's completely unprecedented, that's not mainstream information, it was done in the 1960's, this guy should've treated with as much respect, as somebody like Edison or Einstein, or Alexander Graham Bell, or the Write Brothers because this is a huge discovery. Twelve key points around the world in which planes and ships are expontaneously dissapearing, he wasn't looking... he didn't have anything in mind, when he started doing this, all he did was he looked up at each one and he gavie it a push pin, push pin, push pin. Where were all the push pins at the end? they were in 12 places. Even stranger, is that the 12 places are not just hazzardly scattered around the earth. They are all equally distant from each other, they are harmonically balanced with one another, they are all the same distance apart when you look to the ones that are adjacent to each other. If you connect the dots you get a sacred geometry which happens to be the same geometry that's in the polio virus, the same geometry that is in many other viruses at the quantum level, Including HIV. But it's not just a negative toxic thing like viruses it's a very possitive thing, it's the fundamental building block of physical matter and biology and life. It's an icosahedron. Now here we go! This is the bermuda triangle, obviously you know about this one. Believe me when I tell you that there are many plane disapearances that cannot be explained, where they've never found oil slick, or ??? on the surface of the water, all they find is missing plane, it's on their radar one minute it's gone the next. There is no oil slick, there's no wreckage, nothing. And they dont find anything on the surface, on the bottom of the ocean floor either, it's gone. What happened is, it's passing through a portal it's passing through a time gate, a gate into another frequency of reality, a parallel universe in which time is three dimensional. Here are the twelve points that he discovered with his push-pins. Take a close look, you see the Bermuca Triange off the coast of Florida. You see another one near Brazil in South America. You see another one here, on the land, in Africa, another one down here by Sri Lanka, you see one that's the Himalayan Mountains, all that crazy stuff like the mastering teachings of the far east, to that, all that stuff up there. You got some that are out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean here, which is a real lonely are to get stuck in, the Easter island is down here. Then you got one here which is the "Devil's Triangle" That's officially been declared a disaster area by the Japanese government, they do not allow you to fly or sail through this area. You also have two bracketing Australia, and that's very important, Australia, if you notice, is the only continent that is completely pinned between actually four because what it doesn't show on this map is that there's one down here on the South Pole, one up here on the North Pole, so you got one, two, three, four, Australia is perfectly the geometric center of four of the most important nodes, so there is a lot of crazy stuff, and the exact geometric center of the nodes happens to be right where Pine Gap is, It's one of the biggest bases where all this stuff is being done. You connect your dots together, you get your Icosahedron, which as you see here on your left is a geometry. This what it look like superimposed over the earth surface on the right. Now, this is where it gets even more interesting, these three Russian scientists, and everybody laughs when I say their names. Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov. You see, you are not laughing because I told you it is not cool to laugh. So like now you dont wanna laugh. What they did is that they went through and they looked at every single line that was discovered by Sir Alfred Watkins. Remember the guy that did the Ley Lines, we were just talking about that? How all these churches and all these Neolithic sites and Iron Age sites and Bronze Age sites were all in straight lines. Well, these Russian dudes took every single one of those things that Alfred Watkins discovered. And they took every single other structure they could find around they world The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Easter Island, temples and pagodas in Asia, China, Japan. They looked at every single weird monolithic, which means big stone, structure they could find anywhere in the world, and they found that every single one of then fit onto a single grid which was very simple to construct, all you had to do is start with the same twelve points that Ivan Sanderson found where these matter time space warps would happen, take those twelve points, connect the dots, just like I did, that is the icosahedron, but then, the icosahedron has a curious property, its a geometry, that because it is perfect, can be inverted. It is a mathematical thing you can do where you flip the geometry inside out, lterally. That is what it would be. If you had the structure like made out of wires, you could actually flip it inside out, and rebuild it, but build it backwards, build the geometric inverse of it. What you got to do is inverse the Icosahedron and make it so that it fits together with the original icosahedron and you get this grid, here it is. So I wanna point out to you again, cause this is a little bit confusing if you dont know what are you looking at, that all of your original points are still there. Here is the Bermuda Triangle, here is the one on the southern tip, here is the two that I was talking about around Australia the one that is up there, here is the one on the South Pole, so they are all still there. but you now added in the geometric opposite. If you simply build this geometry, you now have a diagram that shows you where every single ancient site in the entire world has been cosntructed on, over four thousand. They coundnt find one that was anything impressive that wasnt built on the grid. Why do you think that is? If you have a wire that is gonna go to something that powers an electrical appliance. Are gonna put the wire under your arm pit and expect that it is going to work? No. You plug it into the wall. If you build a pyramid and you dont build it under this grid, do you thik it is gonna work? Not anywhere near as good. You gotta build it where the energy is. That is why with these cold fusion guys, they are looking at the cold fusion reactions; they build devices that actually work in some places but then they bring it somewhere else; it doesnt work anymore! It's on "Sixty Minutes", they have talked about this! "Oh, we don't understand, it's, it must not work, it must.." and the scientists say "Well, it's the whole technology is wrong!" No! It's because if you are on the grid it's gonna work! It's very simple: let's put all of the cold fusion devices on the grid where they work and then wire them up and we are done! Just built it where it needs to go! It's very simple. You have energy in one place and it's not somewhere else, it happens to be the energy of the time field. Look. What else you got here? You got the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This is the volcanic ridge that defines what's pushing apart the two continents. And if you star looking at the next grid, which is the the Becker-Hedges Grid. They've basically taken the same thing, the black dots are Sanderson's 12 vortexes again, all of the matter-time-space warping going on there. You have all the points, now with the geometric inverse of the icosahedron, but what they do is they actually take two icosahedrons and they put one out of face with the other, rather than inverting it they just take a second icosahedron and make it a little bit out of face. We have aphone ringing, that's a sign. Do you guys need a brake? No?

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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