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There is always a challenge when you have new employees that are coming in to onboard them properly. There had been many situations where you have employees that come in and it might be a couple or three hours or maybe even a day or two before somebody has time to sit down and really do anything with them. They just kind of point them to their desk and let them kind of sink or swim. With the onboard ability of the Talent application, we actually can create an onboarding process that we can deliver to the new employee as soon as they walk through the door or even three or four days prior to coming through. So we create a custom journey that gives them all of the information that they need. So, for example, we have Paul Gordon here who is going to be actually starting in three days. So we can create a custom journey for Paul that will allow us to determine specifically what is going to happen. So here is the email that will be sent out to Paul that basically tells us some basic information, guides him through who the contacts are and who key people are inside the organization. So as we bring that information in, we have just kind of a welcome email. Then I can go ahead and we can define what specific activities need to take place for Paul as part of the onboarding. So here is our preboarding. So before he comes in, we want to make sure that he provides bios and resumes. We want to make sure that we coordinate his workspace, we get through the executive calendar, we develop the briefing handbook, we have all of this pre-task information that will actually take place prior to Paul coming in. Now once Paul comes, during the first week, now we have specific items that we need to work with. So we have an executive welcoming event, we introduce him to who his direct reports and staff leads are, we conduct an executive briefing with the transition team. All of this information needs to take place and will have associated date information attached to it so we can make sure that that is all being followed through as part of the application. Now in addition, you also want to know when you're first coming in, are there key people inside the organization that are going to have an effect on what I do from a day-to-day standpoint? So one of the other things that we can do as part of this onboarding process is we can create and identify specific contacts. So we know that there's an IT director named David Smith that would be in here, maybe there is also a new person in here named Janet, who is our office coordinator. There we go. Add that in. So this gives us the ability to make sure that anybody who is really going to have some type of effect or impact on this person will be noted inside the application. Then finally, any resources. So in here, we will see that there is the new employee onboarding resources. This gives us the ability to go ahead and click on that. This allows us to actually see specific information around items such as maybe step-by-step procedures, maybe an employee handbook, anything that is going to be beneficial to that person as they are coming in.

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