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Living and Nonliving Things - Lesson for kids

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Aww aaaaahaaaa(crying).... What happened? Why are you crying? My teddy bear does not eat anything. I am giving him chocolates but he is not eating. But teddy bears don't eat anything. But why do they not eat anything? Oh because they are non-living things! But we eat things. See even my little Tommy is eating. Because you me and animals are living things. Living things, non-living things! I don't understand. Okay! Let's understand it. You know the whole world is made up of living and non-living things, like your teddy bear, this picture on the wall, this table, and the fan these are all non-living things. Okay! I understand, now please can you tell me the names of few living things? Aaam.. you, me Tommy aaaa... and the tree in the garden outside are all living things. But how can we know which thing is living and which thing is non-living? Very good question. It is very easy. Come let's learn about the differences in the living and non-living things. Look at this chart on the one side I have written living and on the other side I have written non-living. So now you will write the differences between the two right? Yes you're right. You are my genius brother. Yes I am, because I watch every day. Hahahahaha.. Let's start writing the differences. Tell me one difference between you and this fan? Oh! The Fan does not eat anything. And even the teddy bear does not eat anything. So let's write the first difference. Living things eat and non-living things don't eat. Oh! I know one more. I breathe in and breathe out but my teddy bear does not do that. Wow! You are right. Living being's breathe and non-living things don't breathe. Let me write it with my magic wand. See that. Tommy just told us the other difference. Tommy and we can move but non-living things can't move. Yes, this picture on the wall, table, and teddy bear can't move. Let's also note this down. So now we know 3 differences between living beings and non-living things. I can eat, I can move, I can breathe I am a living thing..♫ You are a good dancer, but I have one confusion. Look at this fan, it is moving, you said it is a non-living thing. But then how is it moving? Hmmm okay! You see Jimmy this fan is not moving by itself. It is moving because of electricity. But you, me, and your teddy bear don't need electricity to help us move. Let's look on the road from this window. Look at those cars. They are moving on the road. But I know that these are moving because of gasoline or fuel, they can't move by themselves. So now we know the secret behind movement of non-living things. Do you wanna learn more about the differences between these two? Yes! This is very interesting. I told you 3 differences, now it is your turn. Hmmm.. Hmm... Let's look at this picture. Who is this with mom and dad? Hahahaha! It is me, when I was smaller. So now you've grown up. Correct? Yes! Everybody grows up and becomes bigger and bigger. Look at you, even you have grown up and become bigger. Can this table become bigger? No! Even my teddy bear did not grow up. It's of the same size even in the picture. That's absolutely correct. That is the difference. Living beings grow up but non-living beings don't grow up. Hahahhahaha... What happened? You tickled me. I just touched you and you are laughing. Let me touch this table, let's see whether it laughs? Nothing will happen to it, it is a non-living thing, it will not respond. You are a smart boy, you've told me the 5th point. Living things respond while non-living things don't respond as they don't have senses like eyes, ears, nose etc. Yeah you'r right. I feel hungry whenever I see a pizza. So let's write the 5th point. That's senses in the living things and non-living things don't have senses. So now you know why your teddy bear did not eat you chocolate.

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Living and Nonliving Things - Lesson for kids

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