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Makutsi's job interview-sub

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Dumela Mma Dumela Mma Please, enter. I am the detective Please, go in. A very comfortable chair. Good. It is important for people who have uncomfortable things to talk about to talk about them in comfort. And even them it takes time to open up. Yes. It takes time. Look. I will make us a cup of bush tea. There is no problem so great it cannot be solved by a cup of bush tea. Just forgive me if we are disturbed at some point by a visitor. I'm expecting a young secretary this morning. Apparently, she achieved the highest result from the Botswana College of Secretarial and Office Skills 96% - 97%. In fact. Do you know the lady in question? I am the lady in question! I was expecting someone... younger Perhaps, younger. When someone says "secretary" ... an image springs to mind of someone ... ... in a tight skirt, who very soon will be disgracing herself under a desk with her boss in ways that God only knows how she could still look at herself in the mirror. Not quite. And not always. But often. I cannot tell you the number of times I have applied for jobs with my 97% and found myself in competition with a girl with 42% and a very short skirt, and every time it is the short skirt who gets the job. I'm sorry to hear that It is the way of the world. It is the way of the men's world But this is the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency I will give you a month's try and if you are a good secretary. I think I've mentioned .... 97% Indeed, you have. which is ... unprecedented I'm sure it is. I will start work straightaway at any case it will allow me to type up. Dumela Mma Dumela Rra Thank you, Rra. I don't think we need to take both typewriters. We are not yet, as it were in authentic typing needs Quite so, but in this imperfect world I was only able to locate two typewriters and both have problems with certain letters. But I sincerely hope that between the two machines you'll be able to type every word you need. You are a dear friend, Rra. -No, you are. and so dear to me. No, honestly. That means nothing.This is just a small thing. Can I ask a small question in between this discussion none of my business about who is a dear friend and who is not just to check the century? Excuse me? Is this the 21st century or did I sleep without realizing into a time warp? What are you talking about? At Secretarial College, in history class we were told of a former time before computers, when typing was done on machines and our country was called Bechuanaland and dinosaurs roamed the Earth. And that is someone at the door. Excuse me I'll go

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Makutsi's job interview -sub

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