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Lumison Introduction

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Hi, I'm Aydin Kurt Eli, Chief Exec of Lumison and I'm here to tell you a little bit about our business where we've come from, where we're going to and why it might be worth your while dropping us a line or giving us an email if your rethinking what your doing online sometime. We've been delivering business class internet services since 1995 which makes us a Dinosaur in terms of the network that we eat, breath and sleep on everyday. But I assure you there is absolutely nothing pre historic in what we do. Whether it's from advanced cooling technology that we implement in our Data Centres or use of Microsoft's Hyper V virtualization technology, in delivering best value, low cost services for business applications. Everything we do is delivered around value and high quality of service. Monitoring our network and hosting services from our network operation centres in Edinburgh and London means that we're able to deliver everything that a growing business needs to the standard that an enterprise would expect. And we can only do all of this with great people running great systems and great networks. All of this tin doesn't quite run itself just yet. Lumison is a privately owned, profitable ISP that strives for service excellence. This allows us to invest every penny back into the business making sure that what we deliver essentially is the best possible value for our customers. When we watch some businesses hanging on the end of a line to a call centre in another sub continent, we realize why IT Directors and CEOs make the choice to work with Lumison. They rely on the fact that they can call a qualified technical support team 24 by 7 with skills from Cisco, Redhat and Microsoft and it means your able to spell out your business needs to us rather than your name. But don't just take my word for it. >> My name is Graham Stott and I'm the IT Director for Seven Investment Management. We've been working with Lumison now for about four or five years, originally just as a network line supplier and more recently using their Data Centre services out at Newbridge. I think Lumison's main contribution towards the way Seven IM has been run is that we have radically changed our network infrastructure. Previously, we used to run all of our own servers and systems in house and with the advent of the incorporation of the Data Centre into our network we've managed to outsource alot of the server infrastructure resilience and disaster recovery to Lumison. We've never had any problems with the service that has been supplied by Lumison or offered by Lumison and indeed in certain instances, they're remote hands capability has been a bit of a life saver for us. >> We're proud to support businesses from the size of a start up to some of the UK's largest Banking groups. So if your rethinking who you work with on your next internet project, whether it's some managed hosting, a multi site network or a bit of both, I hope you'll give us a ring. I'm sure you'll agree it's about time you saw the Internet at work.

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