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La salud a tu alcance

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Your Health the next 12 minutes or so might be the most important of your life. So make yourself confortable. And dont miss a single words of this As far back as we can record People have been searching for a superior method of regaining and maintaining their Health Over 2000 years ago Hipocrates (father of medecine) said "in disease always look to the spine first" It was not until the 19th century however That a scientific approach to the spine was made the scientific research was made by David Daniel Palmer As the results of this research the Philosophy , the Art and the Science of Chiropractic was developped in 1895 DD Palmer give the first scientific chiropractic adjustment restoring harvey Lillard hearing after 17 years of deafness. this healing fenomenon developp into the healing science of chiropractic meaning done by hand In a short time Million of people have regain their health after suffering nearly every disease known to man To give you a better understanding of how the Doctor of chiropractic can help you Lets take a few minutes and discuss it To Illustrate how the body function we will use Gray's anatomy as our reference Gray's anatomy is the standart text book in all colleges where anatomy is tought The skeleton provide the body frame work of the body it also provide a protective frame to the organs the skeleton along with the muscles and ligaments hold the body together to give it shape and form the nervous systeme is known as the master system. The chiropractic student spend the major portion of is time studying that master system of nerves The system of nerve is so dense, that if we remove the skin and all other tissu. The body will still remain in is knowm form the development of organs of the unborn child appears in order of importance The first recognizable structure to appear is the brain , spinal cord and spinal nerves. the brain is where the inteligence seats thru the brain and nerve connection the body is bounf together into one coordinate unit in which all the body funcion are maintain in normal range The brain is divided in several parts each having to do with a body funcion Brain control all muscular activity Such as breathing , heart action , body temperature , growth of the body , replacement of cells , elimination of waste , nutrition of cells All this fonction are controled by the brain The Nervous system also carries impression to the brain from body organs including specializez cells of sensation. Such as those of sight smell hearing taste and touch pain is also transmited trhu those fibers and is the sign of something is wrong Spinal nerve arise from the spinal cord and pass thru opening between each vertebrae to body organs controling and coordinating their fonctions. Of course the spine must be in normal alignement So the that the spinal cord and nerves can pass unrestricted thru the spine and it s openings The slightest misalignement of any vertebrae of the spine is known as Vertebral Subluxation Vertebral Subluxation causes disruption of brain cotrol over body fonctions. By interfering with nerve as they carry their message from the brain to the organs. Or other nerve that will send the information from the organs back to the brain. Any of those interference causes the organ to fonction improperly Leading to sickness and disease As exemples should you be bothered by Headaches, sinusitis, eyes problems , head and necks. We would expect cervical problems Or you could have symptoms afecting your arm, shoulder, heart , lungs , stomach , liver We would expect to find problems in this area of the spine. The Dorsals Or your symptoms be in the colon , the male/female organs or the leg like sciatica. We would expect some involvement in the area of the Lumbars This is another view of the brain showing the Braistem called the medulla from this area all the cranial nerves arise. Also is the vagus nerve , that we hear so much about in functional disorder to the heart liver lungs ... and all other vital organs The relationship of the medulla and the first vertebra(called the atlas) is very significant The medulla extend down inside the bony ring that make the Atlas vertebrae Keep this in mind and you will see that any deviation of that vertebra from it s normal position can cause Altered Fonction in any part of the body Did you know that nerve fibers from the right side of the brain control the left side of the body The cross over of those nerve takes place in the brainstem It easy to understand then that a disease afecting one side of the boday can be cause by a subluxation of the Atlas It can also affect many of the cranial nerves which are responsible for controling and coordinating various tissues of the head As well as the vagus nerve and is very extensive influence on the overall body There are many incidence in our dailys activities which can create subluxations of a vertebra of our spine like: Falling or improper lifting And with traffic condition of today the rear end colision is a common occurence Creating the so called Whiplash injury Which always affecting the first vertebrae of the spine and the vital nerves to which they related This also explained the great variety of diseases processes occuring after such accidents In maintaining Health we should get lots of rest eat a balance diet and get lots of exercises The lawes of fisiology says use it or we lose it. This is true for a muscle a joint or even our BRAIN The more it is used the more it can be used However in maintaining Health or in our attempt to regaining Health Rest, good diet habits and exercising , will proof futile if a vertebra is subluxated interfering with nerve which affect body fonction As an exemple should the subluxation process occur affecting the digestive system, eating the best food would not restore your health The Lawes of Nature work only one way where there is a cause it must have an effect et where there is an effect there must be a cause As an exemple someone puts a rock on the hose leading to your lawn sprinklers avoiding the water to reach the lawn The result would be a brown diseased and dying lawn where the water doesn t reach. Discovering this condition you wouldn t put fertilizer on those brown and diseased parts would you? You would however remove the rock that was pinching the hose. That would be removing the cause The chiropractic approach to disease follow the same logic by correcting the subluxated vertebrae causing the condition Not the hidden proposition of putting fertiliser on it. Quite often the patient experience relief after the first chiropractic adjustment But for complete recovery TIME is require for Nature to heal and repair the damage We are much like the lawn , after taking off the rock and allowing the water to flow , it will be some time before the lawn is green again .Fisiologist have chosen to call the spine the life-line of the body. And so the chiropractor is the specialist of the life-line On your Journey back from disease to health and getting the necessary chiropractic adjustments correcting the cause of your suffering we are sure life-line will be more meaningfull to you And you will be like millions who have add life to years and years to life by regaining their Health thru Chiropractic

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Health isnt about not having symptoms or dis-ease

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