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Child: Tell a story. Mum: Kim Anh, you must say “Mum”. Child: Mum, Kim Anh will tell you a story. Mum: Ok. Child: The bear…The house of the bear is sad. Mum: Hmmm, how is the bear when the house collapses? What happens to the house? Child: The bear, the bear, the bear…..The bear, the bear feels sad. The bear is sad. Mum: The bear’s house is damaged. Child: Damaged. The tree falls down. Mum: The wind, the wind whirls. Child: The wind whirls, falls down. Mum: Yes, falls down, damaged. Where does the bear go? Child: The bear goes in the forest. Child: The bear is sad. The bear wears an umbrella. The bear goes to bed. Mum: Why does the bear wear an umbrella to bed? Child: It rains. Mum: Yes, because it rains, the bear must wear an umbrella. Child: The bear wears an umbrella. It does not work. Mum: Hmmm. Child: The friends think…the umbrella…is too small…too many. Mum: The bear thinks that the umbrella is small while there are too many friends. Child: The bear thinks…the umbrella is small…there are too many friends. Mum: Then what happens? Child: rain…the umbrella. Mum: The rain has stopped. Child: The rain has stopped. Mum: The bear says… Child: The bear says… Mum: Let’s build a house, friends. Child: Let’s build a house, friends. Build a house, build a house. Mum: Yes, hmmm, build an “umbrella” house. Child: “Umbrella” house. The cat…climbs (not clear) …the house. Mum: Hmmm, build the umbrella house. Child: (raspberries) Build the house. Child: Cover the wall. Mum: Then, what else does the friends do? The friends have built the house… Child: The friends build the house…the wall, wall…the friends build the house. Mum: Cover the wall. Child: The friends make…the friends build a get the cool air. Mum: Yes, window. Child: Window, for cool air. Mum: Yes, hmm. Child: The house…the friends make the door…go in. Mum: That’s right. Child: The friends play...go into the house to play. Mum: Yes, the friends have built the house, they go into the house and play. Child: The house is not cold. Mum: Hmm, it is not cold in the house. Is it raining? Child: No. Child: Mum: The friends go into the house and play. Child: The friends go into the house and play. Mum: No worry about the rain. Child: No worry about the rain. Mum: Then? Child: That's all! Mum: That is the end of the story! Child: That is the end of the story!

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Posted by: gfhearingloss on Apr 28, 2015


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