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These are the lush and mysterious lands of the Welsh borders A region of dramatic scenic beauty Where the rich and wild river Wye feeds ancient farmlands as it flows through the valley shaping the borders between England and Wales And, rising from the Wye, the historic market town of Hay sits picture-perfect on the hillside In the 1960s it was Richard Booth who transformed Hay-on-Wye into the world's first book town Hay is also home to the Hay festival of literature and the arts A glorious celebration of world cultures and ideas Commanding the centre of the town stands Hay castle one of the great Norman strongholds containing 900 years of turbulent history within its weathered walls The magnificent Norman keep is one of the best preserved of this period Atop the castle wall can still be seen the remains of the great gates porcullis chamber Hay castle was sacked and burnt time and time again by both the English and the Welsh Yet, Hay castle survives part Norman, Jacobean and Victorian The iron portcullis is long gone but the medieval wooden doors remain believed to be one of the oldest sets in Britain A 1930s fire destroyed the west wing But remarkably part of the Jacobean manor house is still in use today Hay castle continues to reinvent itself through the ages It was here on April Fool's Day 1977 that Richard Booth declared himself king and Hay an independent kingdom Hay Castle Trust is commited to the restauration and conservation of this ancient monument opening up the site for community use and tourism for the first time in its history The Castle is the very heart of Hay And Hay Castle Trust aims to give it life for another 1000 years Hay-on-Wye, one of the true treasures of the Welsh Borderlands

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