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What is the Global Math Project

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[GLOBALMATHPROJECT, Global Math Week 10.10.2017,] Good day. I'm James Tanton, one of the founders of the Global Math Project. Here's a bold and audacious vision. Let's create a fundamental paradigm shift as to how the world perceives and enjoys mathematics. Let's have each and every person on this planet come to see mathematics as relevant, creative, human, meaningful, delightful, intriguing, mysterious, and uplifting. Let's show how mathematics—true joyful mathematics— can truly transcend borders and unite communities. Welcome to The Global Math Project. Each year we will host a special Global Math Week and roll out a specific mathematical story—a very intriguing, joyful, uplifting mathematical story— directly relevant to the classroom experience for teachers and math leaders to do with their students for just one class period during Global Math Week. And what we'd like them to do is not only play with the story but also talk about it on a special social media platform that we'll provide. For Global Math Week this year, 2017, we start on October 10—10/10/2017. We'll roll out the experience of exploding dots which is the most mind-blowing, astounding story of K through 12 and beyond mathematics in one amazing hit. What we'll do in this particular story is provide a whole station of lessons and teachers and math leaders with their students can come into the station anywhere they'd like that's appropriate for the story for their students. But actually starting at the very beginning can be a wonderful way to begin because it begins by learning how to write numbers. It doesn't seem very exciting. I know. But what we're going to do is show how to do that in a brand new light. We'll write numbers in a very human way, very much 10 focused. We'll write numbers in a very Martian way. Maybe that's 8 focused. Computer science way, 2 focused and so on. In fact we'll see how if you see the right way to think about and draw numbers that all the standard school algorithms actually make perfect sense and have a real meaning and can be very joyful. Better than that, once they're in the right context we can actually go from grade school work all the way to high school work in one amazing fell swoop. Unbelievable because actually advanced high school polynomial algebra is actually just a repeat of grade school arithmetic in a funny, amazing way. See in the new light, it all makes perfect sense. But why stop there? This exploding spot story takes us to the infinite. Let's do infinite sums. Amazing. And why stop there? We can do infinity another way, go the other direction and discover decimals. We'll discover repeating decimals and fractions, which then takes us to something very bold. We can actually also discover irrational numbers. For the first time in our lives we can perhaps actually write down an example of a number we know to be irrational ourselves. Unbelievable. And why stop there? Exploding dots can become lots of fun. It's a playground of delight and wonder. Because we can do weird things and go to other places. Why stick with base 10? Why stick with base 8? What about fractional bases? What about negative bases? Whoa! A whole portal of wonder and mystery and delight. In fact, this story of starting at nothing but seeing how to write numbers in a new way can actually take us to research-level mathematics in one astounding session. Unbelievable. So Global Math Week. The idea is to have a whole station of lessons and just ask teachers and math leaders to have a first experience of exploding dots for Global Math Week 2017. Just a first experience. We're offering a whole curriculum story, of course, and it'll be available for free in perpetuity. And we believe that the story of 2017 topic of exploding dots is so compelling, so outrageously fun and intriguing and delightful that that's going to be irresistible not to want to explore more. So just start the story. That's all we ask people to do for one period during Global Math Week of 2017. To sign up for Global Math Week, all a teacher or math teacher need do is come to our webpage and register—nothing more than that. In fact, everything will be fully available right off the bat. So to learn about exploding dots, it'll be there. Play with it. Understand it for yourself so that come October you're ready to play with it with your students. We'll have all the teacher guides available, all the lesson materials available. We'll have instructions on how to do it with technology in the classroom and without technology in the classroom. I'm actually a low tech guy myself, so I tend to do exploding dots with just a whiteboard and pencil and paper for the kids. Nothing more than that. It works brilliantly. But we also will have it available for a full fabulous 101 experience with a laptop. Unbelievable stuff going on here. So easy peasy. Easy to spread the word, become an ambassador for the Global Math Project and help spread the word in your local community and have local teachers sign up too. Good stuff. We're going to reach a million kids. We're going to bring joyous uplifting mathematics to the world in 2017 and then do it again in 2018, 2019, and forever. Brilliant, brilliant. All free, available, all for the joy of uplifting, beautiful, true mathematics. [GLOBALMATHWEEK 10/10/2017, Uplifting math for a week, worldwide. Join us!] [Help inspire 1 million students as you join a worldwide community celebrating joyful mathematics. For more information, visit]

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Posted by: jamestanton on Mar 16, 2017

What is the Global Math Project

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