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Hi Pathlighters, I am Ms Hidayah and together with me is Ms Mildred. Hello. We are at Nan Yang Polytechnic doing an interview with some of the healthcare professionals. Ok, with me here is Mr Subhi. Hello! and he is one of the staff nurse. Yes I am. Working in? Singapore General Hospital. Okay, so today we are going to know more about what his roles and duties are. in SGH. So, basically what do you do? Your role and duties. Basically, I am a staff nurse in SGH, I am dealing with cancer patients and I help cancer patients to to go through their treatment and also after that, after completing their treatment, try to help them to resume to their normal life. ahhhhh cancer patients. So basically, definitely there are challenges you face as a staff nurse. There are alot of challenges. If the patient is newly diagnosed with cancer, they will be very...very depressed. so they will be very moody. So whatever you do to them, you have to be very tactful. So, in order for them to accept that phase that they already have cancer, it is going to take time. So, you have to be patient, so you have to take in all the scoldings, all the vulgarities sometimes, from all the patients Ouch... So I guess, that's the crux of being a nurse then, yeah. I see. That is very very hard. Okay, how about maybe you want to share with us about the significant moments that you have, as a staff nurse, in SGH. like those good memories you have with the patients. Significant moments, I would say, one of them would be this patient I had. He was 17 years old, he was taking his 'A' level. Diagnosed with cancer? He was diagnosed with leukemia actually. So, he stopped schooling for one year. He was a bright student, very clever, very smart, but whatever he did was. I told him one thing, I mean in life there is always ups and downs. I mean the challenges that we face. The challenges that we face are different from each people. So, maybe whatever he is having now, maybe has something better for him, maybe something better is waiting for him out there after he completed his treatment. He was quite depressed at first but then, I told him that maybe, this is not the last journey, this is not his last moment. He is not going to die soon because the technology now is quite good. You can see chemotherapy from from the most expensive one to the cheapest I think he was doing quite well, now I think he started back his school already, and when he came for his appointment, he came to me and he was like, he still calls me Sub. Hey Sub... thank you so much for being there, because he was with me for three months. I saw him, how he lost his hair, then after that, he grew his hair back he lost his eyebrow hair, when he showered he just did this, and he said, ohhhh where's my eyebrow? is sad... But when you see him again now, he transplanted his stem cell already, so, I think he is doing better now. When he said thank you, that word itself has alot of meaning into it. Yeah... Okay, that is a very life-touching story. Okay, anyway moving on, would you stay as a staff nurse throughout your life? A career that you won't switch? Mmm, I would stay... I mean, I still have passion for nursing, but if there is opportunity for me out there, I would still go, but I would always volunteer volunteer myself to animal welfares, hospices, now and then to really help people. Because I think, at the end of the day, we would get old also, so you will need help from any other people also. So we just need to, reach out your hands, to help someone. Nice.. Just to find out more, whether before this, do you have any other jobs? As in, were you a mid-career switch person or do you start straightaway as a nurse after you graduated? Mmm, I started out as a programmer, and I found that to be, programmer is good job don't get me wrong. Programmer is a good job, but, I can't stand the fact that I am talking to computers, rather than human beings, so I wanted to have a human touch. So that's why I wanted to be a nurse after that. Okay, nice sharing Mr Sub. Thank you very much. Alright.

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