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Democracy Now - Q'orianka Kilcher part 1/2

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This is Democtacy Now, one peace report, when come back we're going to, uh, speak with that actress who is Q'orianka Kilcher who has dedicated her award won this weekend to Alberto Pizango in Peru who has been granted assylum in Nicaragua after protests in Amazon rainforest ♪[Peruvian music]♫♫ ♪[Peruvian music]♫ thank you so much. this is Democracy now, I'm Amy Goodman. Peruvian indigenous leader Alberto Pizango has been granted assylum in Nicaragua after an arrest warrant was issued in his name on charges of sedition, conspiration y rebellion folowing clashes between Amazonian indians and Peruvian riot police this weekend He had sought refuge in the Nicaraguan embassy in the Peruvian capital of Lima Tuesday. Pizango's organization, AIDESEP, or the Inter-Ethnic Development Association of the Peruvian Amazon, brings together Amazonian Indian interests from the country and has fought peacefully to preserve the forest for several years. New laws pushed through by the Peruvian, Alan Garcia, would parcel up the Amazon rainforest into blocks for comencial exploitation by oil, logging, and mining interests. Pizango's wife, Sonia Huiñapi said on Wednesday she was nervous about Alan Garcia could do to her husband. I'm scared about what Alan Garcia is going to do with my busband. He is defending his rights, and Garcia says he's not guilty of everything. He's not guilty of anything. Another indigenous leader in Peru, Vladimiro Tapayari Mirani, of president of the Amazon Indigenous Committee, said the struggle could only continue and called for an autonomous Amazon state Alan Garcia has violated the right of Amazon people, implementing anti-Amazon laws without consulting us. now indigenous leader like Alberto Pizango are being persecuted. The struggle does not en when the law is overturned, but when the Amazon is free We want regional autonomy, an Amazon state. The people have finally releazed that capitalism has been hurting our development plans for many years. Last week Peruvian President Alan Garcia warned that indigenous opposition to his development plan was ''a serious mistake''. These people are not first-class citizens Forty thousand natives think they can tell 28 million Peruvians they don't have the right to come around here?. there is no way. That's serious mistake. and whoever thinks that way will lead us into irrationality and a backward primitive state The entire country is asking for order, energy and action from government, within reasonable limits, and authority of the law. that's what the government is going to do and unfortunate incident is entirely responsibility of these pseudo-leaders, pseudo-natives who is instigating the most poor of people to take illegal and violent action. The Peruvian President Alan Garcia. Well, nex guest is an outspoken advocate for indigenous rights around the world. She is also award-winning young actress in Hollywood. She played Pocahontas in the 2005 film The New World, for which she was shortlisted for an Academy award. Q'orianka Kilcher won the Young Holywood Green Award this weekend and dedicated her award to Alberto Pizango and his organization AIDESEP. Q'orianka Kilcher joins me now from Los Angeles shortly before she flies out to Peru, where her father come from. We welcome you to Democracy Now¡, Q'orianka. Thank you Why did you dedicate this award to Alberto Pizango? Well, I dedicated this, uh, my award to Alberto Pizango, AIDESEP, as well as over 30,000 people in Peru that are protesting right now, peacefully protesting, Uh, I dedicated it to them to show my solidarity with them and also to shed light onto it. And I spoke about it at the award and informed Hollywood of it. And a bunch, uhm, people were outraged. and it was appaling to see that absolutely pretty much nobody knew what is happening in Peru. Uhm, and it was to inform people and to stand in solidarity uhm, with my brothers and sisters in Peru Q'orianka, your father is from the Peruvian Amazonian rainforest? Uh, Yeah. I'm half-Quechua and Hachipaeri from Peru You have with you a spear. Why? Uhm, it was gifted to me in 2006 when I went to Peru for the premier of my film The New Wordl. And I started trying to highlight the over-thirty-five-year-long struggle that Achuar community was facing with Occidental Petroleum a Los Angeles-based company, you know, drilling there, using practices outlawed in the United States, pumping an average of 850,000 barrels of toxic waste in one day on one block alone, and dumping it into rivers, not using reinjection. And, uhm, and, so I tried to highlight that. And Alberto Pizango and AIDESEP, uh, uhm, gave me this spear, as wel as gave me a silver plate, Uhm, and named me the voice of indigenous people of AIDESEP. And, and yeah. Plaing Pocahontas, uh, in The New World, uhm, being recognized for your talent, shortlisted for an Academy Award, What has that meant for you in terms of work and speaking out around the issue globalization and indigenous rights, Q'orianka?. Uhm, it's meant a lot, because we live in a day and age where we have amazing gift anf power of film and technology. We are able to point the a camera and visually show people, rather than just saying. And, uhm, and I think in this day and age, uh, we're really people of visually seeing stuff. So, uhm, it's helped so much. And while The New World was an epic love story, it also showed the beginning of the colonizations of the Americas, which continues today, but it now have a new name, and it's called ''globalization''. And what multinational company are doing in the Peruvian Amazon is a total disrespect to human life, as wel as the environment. And I have to say, looking to the poor leadership to Alan Garcia is displaying right now in Peru, I have to say, sadly, we have not learned from the past. And the past is repeating itself Uh, and it's not a dark chapter in, in the past anymore. I mean, it's repeating itself right now. And I'm sad to have to say that. We're talking to Q'orianka Kilcher. she's in Hollywood now. She's in Los Angeles, she's headed to Peru. What do you plan do there? Huh, I'm really appalled at the misinformation and the copy-and-paste media that is happening in Peru right now. Uhm, and, and, and, I mean, the, the major media is radicalizing the stance on indigenous people, because, uh, they are being persuaded by governmant and they're owned by multinational companies. And they are copy-and- pasting information that is not accurate. And, uhm, and, and I want to go there. I want to show both side. I want to inform them correctly. I mean, it's horrible the way the, uh, Garcia...

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Democracy Now - Q'orianka Kilcher talks about Indigenous clashes in Amazon -Peru

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