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Communiqué du Mouvement Zeitgeist - Quand le krach s'annonce - Octobre 2011

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TZM - Francophone When the crash looks - Press release 01.10.2011 No more stock exchange, at the opening was well aware that it would be a day apart: an ACC unscrewed, the banking ... ... that fall, there is no other word. One has the impression that the floors are pressed. This is the worst case scenario, the default Greek looming? There is, it was mentioned at the time by your market indices ... We will recall the news of the day: tax increase for businesses, Although at the present time the debates are open again as the deficit is widening. So even a basket case of debt, it's a safe bet that these companies would not be utilized. If corporate taxes are not affected individual income taxes do not pass from one to two, but should be multiplied by 5. The situation is catastrophic: the increase in debt causes recessions, inflation and declining purchasing power. And so all the more important with time, But the notion of scarcity in our society is it based ... ? In a monetary economy, the concept of "supply and demand" is well known, indicating simply that "the more of something, unless it has value. " For example, drinking water was historically an abundant resource, which does not usually require payment for consumption. However, while the pollution of groundwater has increased and the water distribution systems in cities have developed, filtered drinking water is now sold Take this new beginning! "When one man dream, this is a dream. But if a lot of men dream together is the beginning of a new reality. "F. Hundertwasser "At some point in history, Humanity must move to another level of consciousness raising moral values. Then he must overcome his fear and give hope to everyone. The time has come. "Wangari Maathai This press Francophone Zeitgeist Movement was carried out any matter relating to intellectual property and copyrights. It is built from images and videos diverted.

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Country: France
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Producer: Le Mouvement Zeitgeist
Director: Le Mouvement Zeitgeist
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Posted by: zeitgeistfrancophone on Oct 2, 2011

Communiqué du Mouvement Zeitgeist Francophone du 1er octobre 2011 sur la situation économique actuelle.

A l'heure où la finance a pris le contrôle de notre monde, où les institutions n'inspirent plus confiance, où le monde semble plonger dans une nouvelle crise... il est temps de comprendre pourquoi. Mais surtout de savoir comment ? Comment faire évoluer l'humanité et enfin passer au niveau supérieur.

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