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Hi, my name is Thye Wen Yi I'm 21 years old I'm from Monash University and I am the boss of TheRéserve In TheRéserve we create happiness and spread positivity By creating valuable and memorable experiences to our customers I think it's not to the extent of being depressed But sometimes we get a bit frustrated in Running this company it is because of some Miscommunication between people which might happen very often Sometimes you have different goals and different Objectives of doing this with people from your team It was one of these experience Where we sort of got sabotage by our Old customer we knew that we weren't the people to be blamed for and we weren't at fault But somehow we were left with a lot of Negative comments from the customers and They had us feel like they didn't trust us Or they didn't believe in our work So it sort of got a lot of negativity Within our own members Because we felt like did we do something wrong or are we really not good at all? But after some time you sort of sorted it out And we just felt like okay Let's just ignore that and we'll just move on and We just continue to do what we are doing and we just Continue to do our best to provide the best that we can I think the best part that I love about running a business As a student is that you get to learn How to balance a lot of things in your life Normal students they will be thinking about Assignments thinking about homework Thinking about report thinking about exams But you you still have to think about A lot of other aspects in work Which I find it very interesting to learn at this age One of the main reason is I believe in the value of this business and I believe in bringing positive impact and Bringing positive experience to people because I think This is a really great channel to spread positivity to a lot of people I would say Do it right now I believe that there is no better time than right now if you have a great idea Even though you think that there might be some flaws Just work it out and Eventually, you will start to sort things out Education or Business Education Flower or Books Books Degree or Money Degree Eyes or Nose Eyes World Cup or Sleep Sleep So Orange or Black Black Rose or Sunflower Rose You or Me? Us ma Okay la You Come let me give this to you Thank you Smart one

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Posted by: vicqipan on Jun 27, 2018

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