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Pramuka oleh Pak Fathur

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Scouts I used to be famous for being an angelic teacher. Not a tenderhearted angel but an evil angel Naughty students would have to deal with me Standing in the field, tweaking their ears, slapping, raging at them and kicking was something common for me to do I felt pleased because the children were afraid of me I felt the status of a teacher The students were disciplined, although perhaps through fear rather than their own consciousness But at least they learned. Because they all could answer questions when asked Over time I experienced stress Firstly this was probably because of the hiring of teachers through the K2 scheme My friends who both signed on at the same time as me were made full time staff, but I wasn’t. I felt this was unfair I was also stressed because I was tired of being a bad angel Children must be dealt with first then they would obey There are laws protecting children There are teachers who are in prison for hitting children. Even though the child hit the teacher first But no one listens to the teacher’s defence. They just said, the teacher hit his students Then who would defend the teacher? I became more and more detached. I taught the minimum to cover the curriculum Whether they understood or not, was none of my business. I also did not care about the naughty ones If I already scolded them and they wouldn’t listen. (I thought) Be my guest Until one day I was assigned as a scoutmaster I rediscovered the soul of a teacher through scouting There is the "Tri Dharma Dasa Setya" which instills discipline I now feel close to students But even if teachers and students are close, teachers still retain authority in scouting As scouts, we go down to the river together, walk in the wood, ride pickup, cook together at the campfire. Free from the routines at school.

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Pramuka oleh Pak Fathur

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