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Sound & Fury Part 10

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(♪Music playing in the background♫) Doctor: Each one of our parents that come through get the National Association for the deaf’s, ahh… position statement on cochlear implant. And I think for you in particular, it’s important that you read through this. The position of the NAD is that and and to quote them they deplore the decision of the food and drug administration. Umm to ah, support implantation in children. Chris: They could say what they want they could bring anything they want; they could bring the president of the NAD to my house. I really don’t care; it’s a child that has this um, hearing loss. We’re providing the ability to hear and that’s the end of it. The rest of it is bull. Mari: Ya know my pitch is going to be blasted on a dark board and the NAD is going to be throwing things at it because were the posted child of what not to do according to their rules. Doctor: You think things are negative now. When you go and do this, the response of those deaf members of your family are going to be extraordinarily strong about the boy and the obvious reason for that is you’re taking a member of their society of their culture and your pulling them out. And, and all of that stuff about, what’s the matter, where not good enough for him? Um, what’s the matter, your ashamed of us, ahh what’s the matter, uh this is not the best life for him. We’ve done perfectly well, as deaf people. We’re proud of being deaf, we’re happy people. Why? Why do you feel compelled to have to do this? Mari: In a couple of years when Peter is responding his cousins are going to be turning around and asking him a lot of questions. So, I, I think that that’s when the real fury, fury is going to come out, is when the questions are going to be raised and how do you deal with something like that? Nita: When you see Peter with the implant will that make you change your mind and want it? Heather: No, I don’t want it. Nita: You…don’t want it? Why? Heather: I don’t want a cochlear implant. Nita: It’s fine, it’s your decision. Whatever you’re comfortable with. Heather: You told me you decided. Nita: We decided together, remember, we agreed. Heather: Oh (♪Music playing in the background as people walk by♫) (People walking and talking in the hallways) Mari: This is my mother in law Doctor: Hi, how are ya? Marianne: Hi, nice to meet ya. Doctor: Hi, how are you? Sr. Peter: Good. How are we doing? Mari: He knows something is up. He is very clingy. Doctor:Oh, well that’s not the right outfit mom. Right? (Chris and the family laughs at the joke) Mari: Very Clingy Marianne:How are you doing this morning doctor? (♪Music continues to play softly in the background ♫) Mari: (sobbing away) I know… Mari: What time did you get up? Micheal: About three o’clock. Mari: But why couldn’t you sleep? Micheal: Because I didn’t feel like it. I’m old. Mari: Were you up all night worrying about the implant. Micheal: Noooo Nancy: I was worried, I was up all night. Marianne: Well, I don’t feel worried. I feel calm and relaxed. Nancy: Well, I feel worried, yes I really do. Marianne: It’ll be fine. (♪♫♪♫) Marianne: When my children, my children were born I would of never dreamed that, ya know, we would be sitting in here, ya know, today waiting for my grandson to have his surgery on his ear to make him hear. Nancy: What if we lose deafness in the future and there are no more deaf people. Marianne: That’s why you’re upset and I understand that and Peter and Nita, I am sure feel the same way. People will never forget what deafness is about because it’s; it’s going to be history. Doctor: Ready to the test, here is the transmitter… And now they look beautiful. Ok, there all fine. Marianne: If I gave birth now to Peter, I would, I don’t mean to hurt you, but I would definitely have the surgery because I know what it was like the raise of children…tough, very tough. Doctor: Peter, now were going to close you up… (♪♫♪♫) Doctor: Hi everything went real well. No problems. No problems. His face moves, ah, he’s breathing well. He is in the recovery room. Everything is good. Mari: O good, for how long before we can see him? Doctor: Actually, if you go down stairs in about fifteen minutes, they’ll probably let you in. As soon as he is awake enough to to know that someone's there. They'll, they’ll let you in. Mari: Ok, thank you very much doctor. (Everyone says thank you to the Doctor as they wave goodbye) Nancy: This makes me want to cry. (People pat on backs while giving hugs and kisses for the good news) Marianne: A new life. Mari: I know Sr. Peter: What she say? Mari: A new life, a new beginning. Nancy: I’m afraid he’ll make fun of me… Marianne: No he’ll never make fun of you. Nancy: He will talk so well, and I’m afraid he’ll hurt me. (Starts to cry) Oh, I feel so hurt. Mari: I’m going to go up to see him, now. Nancy: Wait, if you give birth to another deaf child, would you have the surgery again? Mari: Yes mom, I would. Micheal: We’re both deaf, that’s all that matters. (♪♫♪♫)

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Posted by: aroutly242 on Dec 15, 2008

Two families continue to debate if their child should get a cochlear implant.

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