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LILITH screener

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In the beginning there was a garden in the garden there lived the first of man who many of you know was called Adam Alongside him lived his first wife who many of you do not know was named Lilith Adam and Lilith explored the garden together and Lilith was particularly delighted by what she saw the trees, the flowers, baby birds in their nests All of it was beautiful Unfortunately, Adam too was delighted by what he saw He knew Lilith had been made for him When he took hold of her Lilith grew frightened She said no This made Adam angry So the Bastard tried again Lilith showed him what she meant She ran form him then Wishing she could turn to ashes As she wandered She came upon a beautiful flower Staring at it she knew it was beautiful Just like the garden just like her A beautiful angel came upon Lilith to return her to Adam Gazing upon the angel Lilith thought about what it would feel like to destroy something she knew was beautiful When the angel did not return Adam sought Lilith out within the garden When he found them laying together amongst the flowers Adam became mad with jealousy which is exactly what Lilith wanted Rising up again him she cried out so that the whole of creation would hear her Lilith would never let him take anything from her And thus, rejecting her role as Adam's wife she ran to the desert and escaped the garden forever However alone in the desert Lilith felt cold While she cried into the sand A stranger came upon her He offered his hand to her and said that though she would be punished either way for what she had done she still had a choice in how Lilith took his hand Lilith of the garden died there And lo, something truly beautiful was born I, the fearsome soul wrenching Demon Lilith! As a way of showing my thanks I gave my new master an idea One last gift for my dearest Adam I had found my true purpose I will destroy every last beautiful thing on this forsaken earth Including you dear listener

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Posted by: nicole_mcbride on Oct 20, 2018

Screener for my film LILITH.

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