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ArcelorMittal: Season 2 Episode 9

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[Upbeat instrumental music] Lynn >> "Transforming Tomorrow" in Mandarin is... Dirk >> [Spoken in Mandarin Chinese] Lynn >> [Spoken in Mandarin Chinese] [ArcelorMittal] [inside transforming tomorrow Episode 9: The Chinese Way] [Map of China] [Dirk Matthys CEO, ArcelorMittal China] China, as well as ArcelorMittal–– ––they are 2 ambitious players. They share the same concerns regarding the steel industry as well as the same ambitions and they also think they have the same long-term visions. [Lynn Robbroeckx Communications, ArcelorMittal China] We are trying to bring the values of ArcelorMittal Group to China. But then, we also want to bring the Chinese values to the group. It is very important to make sure that the energy––the dynamism––that is in our group––the Chi–– is as effective, also, in China. But if you look at steel consumption and production worldwide, China, right now, is responsible for about 35% of consumption and production. Looking at our strategy, which is based on growth, value-added products, value-chain integration, China must be part of it. [Daniel Deng Corporate Affairs, ArcelorMittal China] For all activities involved in this industry we need to get approval from the government, central government, and local government and also, we need to really cooperate with the local industries. [ArcelorMittal's interests in China include a number of joint ventures with companies such as Hunan Valin Iron and Steel Group] [Li Xiao Wei Chairman, Hunan Valin Iron and Steel] One of the biggest contributions that ArcelorMittal makes to China's steel industry is that it has the courage to get into China's market. Its combination with Hunan Valin Steel Tube and Co, Ltd. has significantly promoted the change of the organisational structure and the increase of the concentration ratio in China's steel industry. Dirk >> ArcelorMittal can offer China many different things. We have trained teams from Valin in South Africa and in the United States. So, technology, high value added product is one thing we can contribute. With them, also health and safety. We are working with our partners to improve their safety standards. Climate change––it's very high on the agenda of the Chinese government, so we have a lot of experience as ArcelorMittal in getting CO2 emissions down, and using our resources efficiently to produce steel. In Shanghai, we have supplied the structural steel for 3 main landmarks––the World Plaza, the Jin Mau Tower, as well as the Shanghai World Finances Center. Regarding the Shanghai 2010 Expo, we are going to supply the steel for building the Luxembourg Pavillion. It's also going to be in the context of green living, sustainable living, environmentally respective and of course, steel is playing a big role in that. [Several members of ArcelorMittal's China team have been selected as torch bearers for the Beijing Olympics 2008.] [Nassos Lazaridis Chief Technology Officer, ArcelorMittal Hunan Valin] From the reaction I have received from all my colleagues, most of the people are quite excited for me and I certainly appreciate it and I can understand it. So, it's a great honor. Dirk >> I think it's important for the people, for the employees to understand, that we, also, are involved and we share in the problems of China in being able to host the Olympics. Lynn >> ArcelorMittal has 2 major CR projects in China. [CEAP Climate Changes PSA's] One is our cooperation project o the United Nations Development Program. It consists of $5 million U.S. dollar progam and partnership. [Angela Wong Corporate Responsibility, ArcelorMittal China] The objective of this project is to change the environmental awareness into environmental behavior. [Khalid Malik United Nations Development Programme] Partnerships like this are so important because they are there to demonstrate something is possible with new and updated technologies. This also demonstrates that a group like ArcelorMittal believes in a better world. I can't think of anything more important than the work that you are doing. If we can help China move to a low-carbon economy, I think you're helping the world. Dirk >> We will need to make sure that the partnerships that we are having now, that we are making them into successes. And then the future will be bright. With enough patience, with enough focus, I am confident we are going to make it here. Lynn >> "Transforming Tomorrow" in Chinese. [Music reaches crescendo] [ 2008 Conneected Pictures Ltd. ]

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