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The House of Anubis S1 E30&31 House of Drama & House of Codes

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Okay. Guys, time to focus. It's the big night tomorrow. Dress rehearsal. Five minutes And then after we left I heard Victor scream. Like he had a shock. It sound like the cross between a sick whale and a broken piano. Victor definitely put the puzzle piece back in his safe. I crapped back and saw him do it. Then we break into the safe and get it back. No, How can we? He'd know it was us. But what if we, what if we had the perfect alibi? What do you mean? I have an idea. It's a little crazy but it just might work. But I don't understand. Why can't the cactus sing? Because, cacti can't speak, Amber And anyway you have a terrible voice. No, she hasn't. Take no notice fair cactus. Okay, everyone. Let's get on with it. What do you mean there is more than one relic. I confiscated another one from Nina and Fabian last night. But the markings on it, you were so sure. You said that... We were in possession of the Ankh itself, yes. The one true relic. But why not? No, there are more. Victor, the chosen hour approaches. Do you think I am not aware of that? We have something else to worry about. Rufus Zeno has escaped from hospital. Okay, guys. Well done, well done. Uh, Mick, Mara. You realize you will have to actually kiss tomorrow night, don't you? So, hit us with this insane plan then, Nina. Okay, so tomorrow night everyone will be at the play right? Even Victor, so the Anubis House will be empty. Yeah? After the first two scenes, I'm not on it again until the second act. So I have about 30 minutes to sneak back, breaker into the safe, get the puzzle piece and get back to the play in time for my second act entrance. Brilliant. Sabuna. Sabuna Uh, aren't you forgetting something? What? The code to Victor's safe. Alfie, Jerome, What exactly are you doing? Get a move, I'm sweltering in here. I can't. It's stuck, dude. You will have to sleep like that. No way his feet stink. Okay, don't get the hump. Where's Trudes? I'm bursting for the bathroom. Trudy Come on Humpfrey. This won't hurt a bit. Trudy, get me out, please. What are you doing? I'm trying to remember something. Pen and paper quick, quick. I feel like I just broke out of jail. A fur lined jail. Wait, wait. He pushed the top right one twice, middle one once, and the bottom left one once, I think. You only think? We need to know definitely. Nina. You can't do this. Sarah trusted me with the treasure. I cannot let it fall into Victor's hands. I have to try. It's 3, 3, 5, 7. Great session. Who knew line dancing was such a good warm up. Told you. Project? Yes. See you. You need to double jump. You just died. Someone to see you, Fabian. Ah, there he is my favorite nephew. Are you two stepping out yet? Stepping out? Is that a dance? No, we're not. Shame I like this one she has cheek and a good accent. Well I suppose I should give you this thing as I'm here. It might even be some help to your Egyptian project. Unlocking the eye. Thank you, Uncle Ade. I found it in a dusty corner, mid some legends maybe, but should make an interesting read nevertheless. Would you like a cup of tea, mister Rutter? Please call me Ade. That will be lovely. White, no sugar, I'm sweet enough. Today is the day. I'm really nervous. That's good luck cards in the post this morning. My folks are coming. Aren't you going to open yours, Patricia? It says open in private only. Have a look, don't be shy, maybe it's a postcard from Joy. Touch it and lose a hand, I swear. New mail and open. And open. Oh, dear. It's a story about Tutankhamun's secret lover, Amneris. Here read this. Before Tutankhamun's death. The god Anubis entrusted Amneris with the cup of Ankh, The cup of immortality. When the elixir of life is drunk from the cup of Ankh it grants immortality to all who sup from it. In the wrong hands, it could lead to tyranny, despots and all out war. Legend has it that Amneris buried the cup of Ankh with her lover inside Tutankhamun's tomb. Where she hoped it would be hidden forever. But there are some who believe that the cup was found and removed of the tomb from the tomb's excavation in 1922. So the treasure we are looking for is a cup that makes you live forever. No wonder Sarah is so desperate to keep it safe. What do you mean you're giving me my notice? Why? The students love me. Perhaps the students love you a little too much. Who took these? We don't know. There is nothing going on between me and Mick Campbell. I'm sorry but the school cannot afford to have any scandal attached to it, whatsoever. Take care and have a long... I know what it means, Eric. I'm not accepting this. That went well. Go after her, Eric. She could ruin everything. There is Victor. What if it's a mistake telling Sarah's story to the man who ruined her life. There is your Uncle Ade. And is that who I think it is sitting over there? What's Rufus doing here? Guys, you're not on until the second act. Can you get off stage, please. Mick. Hello, Ms. Robinson. Did you come to wish me good luck? Not quite although you may very well need it after you've seen this. I've just been kicked out and I suspect you might be next. Guys, focus, please Sorry. You know that good luck card I got this morning? Yeah. D4. What does it mean? I was really hoping you would know. Maybe a secret message from Rufus. Why would you say that? He's in the audience. What? Is he insane? What if Victor sees him? Maybe that's the seat number. Row D seat 4. No, Rufus is in row G. Well then, who is in D4? Patricia, places for curtains up. Guys, Mick, Mara. Mick, there is something I have to tell you. I'm not having this. Mick you are on it. Mara, what is going on? D4, can you see who it is? Fabian Well, who is it. Wait. I can't do the opening on my own. Joy. Joy! Ahh ... Oh dear, stage fright. Patricia has had a very difficult term. Joy! Joy. Joy and sorrow. The Joy of Egypt. ... is dead and sorrow sweeps the land. Let no man enter and desecrate his sacred pyramid. Let's try to stay on booklet next time, Patricia, okay? You must ask to... Okay, Okay, I'm going. I thought it was only fair to warn Nick of what he's in for. I can believe you are doing this Mr.Sweet. It's so unfair. Get back on stage. We will discuss this after the performance. Good luck, Mick. Mick, did you hear what I said? Go on. Mick, we missed the opening. Are you okay? Ms. Robinson just lost her job, I'm about to get expelled. Apart from that, everything is great. My name is Sally. I am 7 years old. The time has come. My story shall be told. I feel only sorrow, like a bird without wings. My parents are leaving for the valley of the kings. Go, Nina. She's a totally great agent. Yeah, yeah. Totally I can't believe someone would be so low as to take photos and send them to Mr. Sweet. So, what were the photos of exactly? Nothing we trained. Sounds pretty innocent to me. They were. Well then I don't think you need to worry. The truth always prevails. But they've been zoomed and cropped it might not look so innocent. Ms. Robinson has lost her job because of this. I don't want to do this, especially now. Mick, Mara, stand by, please. And for real this time. Come on, not here. Joy. sat out there, the same row as Victor. We have to warn her how dangerous he is. If he took her in the first place, I'm guessing she already knows that. We need to be watching for Victor's reaction. Good luck. No! Our work is very important important. We must go. Goodbye Sally. This house belongs to us now, my pretty. It is 10:00 o'clock. You know what that means. You have five minutes to get into bed. Do you hear? Yes. Because I want to be able to hear a pin drop. Nina, you don't have to do this. Yes, I do. We have to rescue that puzzle piece from Victor's safe or our search is over. I'll come with you. No, you can't. Nina, be careful. Yeah? Yeah. Patricia, what are you doing? I'm trying to work out what this message means from Joy. It's no longer safe. The tomb is cursed and so are we, my darling. So I need you to be strong, I'm going on without you. But I love you too much to be without you. I will not say goodbye. You must. Patricia, this is mirror writing. Hold it to the mirror, look Meet me tonight, 9 clearing in the woods, Joy. Yes. It's been a wonderful adventure but the end is upon us. Excuse me, the curtain is down. You don't need to do that anymore. Hello. Ewe, come on camel. Okay, intermission, everyone. Intermission. And, well done yeah, I'm proud of all of you. Hey, guys. Well done, really great. Now, come on move yourselves. Top right button twice, middle once, middle one again, bottom left twice. I hope you got this right, Fabian. Oh, no. Very, very, not good. Mara, I wanted to... You first. No, you. I like you, Mara, I guess I always have. It's just, I wasn't sure if I was... attracted to me in a non platonic way? I know my timing is like, the worst in the world because I might not be at school much longer, but do you want to be my girl, Mara? Are you two going to lip lock again? Why should I trade places with you? I'm a great camel head. I'm just telling you. It's great fun here in the back. Nice try, but no. Mick, this is so hard, but I need you to know that... You don't think a long distance relationship will work. No, it's not that. It's just that... You do like me, don't you? Yes. What's wrong then. It's just... Mick, letter from Mr.Sweet. You need to see him in the office after the play finish please. Oh and, guys, have either of you seen Nina anywhere? No. Sorry. What did I tell you? Mr.Sweet is going to expel me. Guys, have either of you two seen Nina. No. What is brown, has a hum and lives at the north pole? A lost camel. Come on, come on. You have to work. I can't believe I get to see Joy tonight. What is wrong? I can't see Victor anywhere. Jason says he's cutting my canary scene because is under a hust. He's basically scared of my talent. So Nina is on sooner than she thinks and there is no sign of her. I hope she is alright. She... I am going to go check. Amber, can you keep a secret? Of course I can, hello. Okay, Joy is in the audience. Where! Four rows back. She looks hideous. I'm just saying it's a disguise. Has anyone seen Nina. Does she know that her scene is being moved up? Come on people this is the life day. We need to be ready for anything at anytime. Stand by for the second act, please. Where is she? Where is Victor? What if he has gone to the House. Oh! Come on, think. Think.

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