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Introduction to Back2Back Haiti

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In 1804, after enduring centuries of brutal slavery and a decade long revolution against France, Haiti declared its independence. It remains the only successful slave revolt in the history of the world. Located in the Caribbean Sea, Haiti occupies the western third of the Island of Hispaniola alongside the Dominican Republic. With an estimated population of ten million people, Haiti is one of the most populous countries in the Caribbean. It is also the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Approximately 59% of the population lives on less than two dollars a day. Economic and political instability, as well as a number of natural disasters, have plagued the country since its founding with the result being chronic poverty, lack of necessary infrastructure, and many other significant problems. Despite it all, the citizens of Haiti are a proud and resilient people! In January 2010, a powerful earthquake devastated the capital city of Port au Prince and much of the surrounding area. The quake killed an estimated 200,000 people and left more than one million homeless. This natural disaster further weakened Haiti’s already fragile infrastructure and compounded the country’s orphan crisis. Following the earthquake, Back2Back was invited by fellow ministry partners to visit the devastated area. Staff began to explore how God would move the organization to get involved. A partnership was eventually developed with Jesus in Haiti Ministries and Lighthouse Children’s Home, and relationships within the community began to develop. Within a year of visiting, Back2Back began praying through what a more permanent presence within Haiti would look like. Back2Back followed the call to serve by establishing a ministry site in the country in 2013. Spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs are met daily in Haiti for each child Back2Back serves. Healthy food feeds the body, tutoring feeds the mind, and loving caregivers feed the heart and soul. Due to the lack of infrastructure and an absence of consistent services, a good portion of the current work in Haiti ensures physical needs are being met. Through the installation of solar panels, light is brought to homes where electricity is difficult to secure and maintain. Digging of wells supplies clean drinking water. Reinforcing foundations, installing new roofs, building perimeter walls, and transitioning traditional institutional orphan care to family-based care, makes for a safe place to call home. Celebration and individual recognition are a regular occurrence, ensuring each child they are seen and known, uniquely individual, and wholly loved by the staff caring for them and a God who is writing their story. As each child grows in an environment in which they are cared for and afforded opportunity, they begin to understand that, while trauma may be a part of their history, it is not what defines them. Through collaboration with other like-minded partners, Haitian nationals caring for their own, and committed sponsors and mission guests, Back2Back is committed to providing deep, holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Haiti. Offering care for today and hope for tomorrow, we never lose sight of the vision that each child will become dependent on Jesus – a devoted follower of Christ; interdependent in their community – a good citizen and neighbor, and an independent adult – able to care for themselves and their family. Back2Back will be faithful to the children and families of Haiti as they build the future of their beautiful and vibrant country.

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