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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:11:51 - 16:26:50

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Mommy. Mommy? Mom? Mommy? I'll explain to the... I'll explain to the pharmacist... What we can do about it? But I've told them. I've told them. Okay, but does she know the way there on her own? Of course! Jamila! Go to the pharmacy and get some medicine... And some Panadol, she'll go by herself. Okay. I'll wait for her and then I'll follow you, okay? You'll go by yourself. So it's like there's nobody with me? That's right. A box of Panadol? I just want to get a packet of crisps. Come on get a move on! Please mommy? If you please mommy? Ahmed, come here a minute? There's a bag of crisps, bring them to me. Please, sweetheart. I'm going to open the packet and then bring it to you! No! Don't open it! Go on! Get the medicine and some ointment for Abdullah. Ointment? And some Panadol. Panadol. Go then! Just a moment! Just be natural with Fatima, okay? What do you mean? Take it. Greet her and say that I say hello and tell her to send the medicine. Just send the medicine? Panadol. Panadol and ointment. No! Just me. Go to sleep, Jamila! It came out of the computer from here... Ali, have some pity... Come on, lets go home. Peace be on you. Are you filming here? Could you please turn off the camera? Her name's Kother. No problem, no problem. Excuse me, Miss? Just a minute. We're going to focus on the girl and nothing else. Which girl? Is that alright? Jamila? Yes, Jamila... Jamila Jad, we're working with her family and they know us. Okay, but I should know about it. Okay. I apologize, okay great. Can we film? You won't be in any pictures. Okay, just a minute. Okay. Behave yourself! Fatima? We're following her in her day to day life. We're doing a research about their situation... They're filming Jamila here and in school. We didn't know that she was coming here... That's why we couldn't tell you that we were coming. You're welcome, sweetheart. Auntie Kother? Yes, dear? I would like a bottle of Panadol and an ointment. Okay. Stand to one side dear. Stand here dear. You can film afterwards. Let us take our medicine then you can film us. Give her the prescription. Give it to Jamila. Here you go Jamila. Say hello to your mum from me. I will. Hello to you too. Here the kids have no manners! Here! Alaa! Just a moment. Alaa! Alaa! Alaa! Alaa! Alaa! Come here. Come to my house. We have some people from abroad... Will you come? Okay, as you wish... Is this yours? Is this yours? Film me! She's being filmed! Stop it! Hamoudi, come Hamoudi! Huppa, hey! Whose that for? Peekaboo. Come on go inside. Where? Go sit inside. I want to go play with Alaa. No! Ahmed? Ahmed, come here! What? Come here! They were happy, they said that... They started saying this and that... Come here! Sit down here. Throw them, I'll show you how to throw them! He's filming me. Ahmed, daddy's here. He brought some chairs. Come on, come on, come on in. They started telling us that... Mom. Jamila? Jamila, spread the cover on the ground. Come on. Fix the cover and put some plates down. How did you turn it off? From here. From behind, from here. From here? Yeah. Come on dear, put the plates down. Hamza? Come on. Hamza? Come on. Come Hamza! Ahmed! What? Look here, there are a lot of orphans here. What's your name? Roaa? I want a bottle of Pepsi.

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Duration: 14 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Genre: None
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 238
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 16, 2009

Jamila at home.

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