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Hello we are NetApp marketing professionals don't do this at work Hi I'm Mark Henderson and I'm Mark Phelan and were here to talk to you about some worry-free technology from NetApp called dynamic dispools it's a new way of doing storage which helps with performance efficiency and scalability now what we've just done that you shouldn't do at work is we've caused two systems a double drive failure yep it's not a very nice thing to do and of course if your storage admin then you're probably thinking were a little crazy so what we have here today are two systems the top system here is running your traditional RAID 6 so its 22 drives in the RAID 6 plus 2 idle spares and on the other e2600 system were running dynamic disk pools what that means is you got again 24 drives well except for the ones we pulled here and there all functioning in a single pool now the RAID system there both trying to recover from guys pulling drives the RAID system is trying to rebuild itself as a 22 drive RAID system dynamic disk pools says well I was at 24 missing a couple of drives yep oh dynamic re balance to 22 so we've scaled this for purposes of this video so we've got what 50 GB volume like what Mark was saying we've scaled this down because well a 3 terabyte drive in a traditional RAID 6 system is going to take about well 4, 4 and half days to rebuild and frankly we don't want to stand here for 4, 4 and half days yeah, and doing this same sorta 3 terabyte drive in a dynamic disk pool system would be rebuild in about 18 hours big difference, huge difference, however we are not going to stand here for 18 hours either, yeah now reality, you know this thing has been working its been dynamically rebalancing all the data, Yep could we pull another drive at this point? I think we can alright lets go for it, okay so, 3 drives gone out of the dynamic disk pool system you'll see we take a temporary performance hit and then it will come back up and continue on its way its going to rebalance that information that data that was pulled across all the remaining drives so were constantly just taking the system and rebalancing that so that all the drives are used in the most efficient manner possible so what if we took 3 drives out of the RAID system I think we all know whats going to happen there what happens there is your looking for back up tapes yeah your scrambled at this point yeah back up tapes are bad but the reality is your not going to be taken 3 drive failures, no no, not in a normal environment mostly what your going to do is your going to take your systems and your going to want to expand them your going to grow so you'll add capacity that's right with dynamic disk pools you can add a single drive you can add up to 12 drives at a crack yes and its really easy super easy actually so I've got this system here setup with 24 drives if I were to add an additional chassis here I could go into my management interface and the system automatically goes out and has recognized that there is additional drives available and all I have to do the system asks do I want to include those additional drives in my existing dynamic disk pool all I have to do is say yes and all of those spindles available will be inserted into my existing dynamic disk pool so you don't have to configure RAID sets there's no RAID sets, there's no, it is super efficient and its the scalability of this system is phenomenal I mean right now we are running an e2600 system, yep this can scale to 192 drives in a single pool and the e5400 can scale to 384 drives and all those can be in a single pool contrast that to your traditional RAID 6 system which is limited to 30 drives in a single RAID pool so I get a lot more performance out of this system cause I'm able to take advantage of all those spindles working for me that's, that's perfect yeah so, again its rebalancing it's doing this for performance, efficiency and scalability so could we pull a 4th drive at this point let's go ahead and pull the 4th drive alright 4 drives out of dynamic disk pools it's now going to rebalance itself as a 20 drive system and go on its merry way yeah, sure so E series enables bigger science faster and more efficient Thanks for watching this is Mike and Mark take care have a good day

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