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PreSonus StudioLive Digital Mixer Webinar Part 8 - CCI Solutions

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[♪♫♪♫.....................Music Playing] Now that you have your recording completely finished, what can you do? I can render a .wav file and burn a CD. Let's say our church is doing a worship CD or a Christmas CD and we want to render a final CD master and duplicate it. But, there's another great software we've now included in the box and it's called Nimbit.

What is Nimbit? Nimbit is a Web music distribution platform recently acquired by PreSonus and based out of Boston. There are some really cool tools we've found in talking to churches that they can use as well, to not only get their music out and be able to distribute their music, sell their music, but also to get sermons out on their Web site, their Facebook page, etc. Obviously you aren't going to sell sermons, but you can have them available for people to download. They can share them. It's an entire application that not only gives you a Webstore, it gives you a Facebook store. Now why is that important? Not just young people, but a lot of people in general go to Facebook. They will be on Facebook. It's an easier place to reach people socially in many ways, especially young people. So if somebody hears the sermon and really likes it, they can share it very easily on Facebook with all of their friends. I'm going to show you a little bit of that it a second.

The other thing that's really cool about Nimbit is that whether you're going to sell music or whether you're going to give away sermons, you have an option in Nimbit to take donations directly from Nimbit. It's a great thing. People can donate and then Nimbit will pay you once a month, every 30 days via PayPal. Anything you sell on Nimbiit, or anything somebody donates, Nimbit takes care of all of that processing credit card processing, all of that stuff. Let me just show you how we're going to get from Studio One to Nimbit. Whether this was a sermon or whether this was a song, if I want to get out of Studio One and get into Nimbit, so that I can distribute it, all I have to do is go up here to the song tab on the top, and hit "Export Mix Down." Then right here, see where it says "Publishing?" I can, right here, upload to Nimbit. So basically what this does is, once you've created an account in Nimbit, it will take you to your Nimbit store, which looks kind of like this.

So this is the "back end" of the Nimbit store that the Ring Community Church has created. You can look through different products that they have. A product can be one particular file, like one sermon, or it could be a collection of sermons, or it could be one song or a collection of songs. So you can set up products in Nimbit. Now, for this particular song, you can see we just called it "Special." You can upload artwork right here. This artwork, when somebody downloads it to their phone, will show up as cover art. Right here we can choose whether we want to sell the album, or give it away. Right now we just want it to be given away, but let's say we wanted to sell this song for 99 cents, or we could give it away for free. Or, you can even have people name their own price. This is really effective, especially when it comes to giving music away. There are a lot of bands that have done this recently. They'll just select "Name your own price" and some people will give a penny and some people will give a thousand bucks. It's very cool. You could also put it as not for sale and people can just stream the music and listen to it.

Let's just give away this song for free. I hit "Apply." Now, let's go to the Ring's actual Facebook page. Let me show you what this is going to look like. This is their Facebook page and this is the song we just created. From this application right here I can actually stream and listen to the actual song. Look at this... I can actually share it right here, with my friends on Facebook or on Twitter. You can see they've put up several different items. Like here are all of their October sermons. So if somebody like this sermon or they want to share the sermon, they can hit this little share button and share it with all of their friends on Facebook. The other thing is if somebody downloads the sermon for free, they are given the option of donating to the church.

This is an option. If you don't want to take donations on Nimbit you don't have to. You can just make it a place where people can download the sermon or music for free. If you do have the ability to do a worship CD or a Christmas CD that you do want to actually sell, Nimbit is a great platform. You don't have to worry about duplicating CDs. But, what's really cools is that Nimbit has two versions. There's the free version which I have shown you and there's also Nimbit Plus. Nimbit Plus allows you to sell both physical merchandise and digital merchandise. You can have physical CDs for sale, as well as digital downloads, as well as t-shirts for the church for sale or whatever you want.

There's actually a warehouse in Boston that holds all of the inventory for you They ship it off for you. You don't have to deal with any of that. Nimbit takes 15% as a fee for handling the transactions. Which is actually quite affordable if start looking around. iTunes takes 30% when you put a song up on iTunes for sale. So it's a really great way to get your music out there. Now if you do a worship CD, you definitely want to put it in ITunes as well. Because a lot of people use iTunes.

Nimbit is a great platform that allows you to have the final piece of that puzzle to distribute your music or distribute your sermons all within Studio One Artist. I didn't even have to leave the software. I can edit my sermon and upload it to Nimbiit and there it sits. The beautiy of this, in addition to the Facebook store, is you can also put Nimbit stores on your church Web site, or if your church doesn't have a Web site, Nimbit actually hosts a site for you. So you can actually have a place where people could buy music or download sermons for free on the site. So that's another thing for you guys to definitely check out. That kind of wraps up the whole package. {♪♫♪♫......................Music playing]

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Continuing in segment 8 of this comprehensive PreSonus StudioLive webinar, Rick Naqvi of PreSonus gives detailed information on what you can do with your recording once its completed. Of course, you can burn it to a CD or DVD, or create a .wav file of a special service that can then be shared online. But there’s something else you can do courtesy of a great innovation called NimBit. NimBit is a Web distribution platform that PreSonus recently acquired that not only makes it possible for churches to distribute or even sell copies of musical performance, but enables pastors to get their sermons up online, whether it’s via their Facebook page or church Web site. Congregation members can then easily download and share copies of the service, practically anywhere, any time.

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