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Tiger's Food is Another Animal. Man's Food is Fruit, Food Grains, Milk Products - Prabhupada 1038

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Tiger's Food is Another Animal. Man's Food is Fruit, Food Grains, Milk Products Cardinal Danielou: So I am very, very glad to meet you... Prabhupāda: May, may I ask you one question? Jesus says: "Thou shalt not kill." So why Christian people are killing? Cardinal Danielou: (Pourquoi les chrétiens sont...?) Yogeśvara: (Oui, ils tuent. Seigneur Jésus les a demander de n'est pas tuer) Cardinal Danielou: It is forbidden in Christianity to kill. Surely. But chiefly we think that there is a difference between the life of man and the life of the beasts. N'est ce pas? That the life of man is sacred because man is the image of God. But we have not the same respect relating to the beasts, to the animals, and we think that the animals are at the service of man, and that it is legitime to, man... For us, each life is not the same. What is really important is the life of man, and the human person is really sacred, and it is forbidden to kill a human person... Prabhupāda: No, but Jesus does not says "human being". He just said generally: "Thou shalt not kill." Yogeśvara: (Il dit que la Seigneur Jésus n'a pas spécifier de n'est pas tue les etres humaine) Cardinal Danielou: (Il n'a pas spécifier de n'est pas tuer l'etre humaine parce que il y a...) In the Bible we have many example of, by example, we have many sacrifice in the Bible, sacrifice of animals. You know. Many sacrifice of animals in the Bible. Alors. This is not forbidden. Alors, it is sure that it is a great sin to kill a man. Alors there is surely the great question of the war, the war, the national war. And is, it is... Prabhupāda: You, you, you think that to kill an animal is no sin? Cardinal Danielou: No, no, no. No sin. No sin. No sin. Because we think that the simple biologic life is not sacred. That is, what is sacred is the human life, the human life. But not the life, as... Prabhupāda: But I think that it is interpretation. Jesus Christ says generally: "Thou shalt not kill." Cardinal Danielou: Yes, Jesus said... But this phrase is not, the text is not a text of Jesus. It is a text of the Old Testament, and it is a text... Prabhupāda: No, it is New Testament also. Cardinal Danielou: Old Testament! Old Testament. Prabhupāda: No, is it not in the New Testament? Cardinal Danielou: It is in the Levitic, in the Levitic, in the book of the Levitic. It is not a word of Jesus. It is a word of the Levitic, and it is a part of the decalogue, of the Ten Commandments what God gave to Moses. Prabhupāda: That's all right. But Ten Commandments, one of the Commandments is that: "Thou shalt no kill." Yogeśvara: (Une de dix...) Cardinal Danielou: (Oui, dans les dix commandement, tu ne tuera pas) Mais, it is surely, I think, it is surely the killing of the man. I think, I have a great difficulty to understand why in Indian religion... Because it is impossible... By example, it is necessary, pour la nourriture. Yogeśvara: For food. Cardinal Danielou: Oui. For the food of man to eat, to eat, and... Prabhupāda: Man can eat grains, food grains, fruits, milk, sugar, wheat... Cardinal Danielou: Not, not, (Pas de chair)? Yogeśvara: No flesh? Cardinal Danielou: No flesh? Prabhupāda: No. Why? Just like the fruits. The fruits are meant for human being. The tiger does not come to eat your fruits. So tiger's food is another animal. Man's food is fruit, food grains, milk products. Just like fruit... Cardinal Danielou: Oui. It is why, because grain and plants are also living beings? Prabhupāda: That's all right, that's all right. That, that we also understand. But if, if you can live... Just like, generally, if I can live on fruits and grains and milk, why should I kill another animal?

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Duration: 6 minutes and 43 seconds
Year: 1973
Country: France
Language: English
Producer: Vanipedia
Director: Vanimedia
Views: 48
Posted by: vanimedia on Jan 17, 2015

Prabhupada speaks during a Conversation with Cardinal Danielou part 2 in Paris on August 09, 1973

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