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Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 3 - Penn State Greater Allegheny

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So here you've got all this bullshit out there. And, there's really no such thing as profanity. Because, if you baked a pie, and I don't know you, and you drop it, you might say, "Fiddly dee!" If he baked a pie, he might say, "Shit." That means, "I'm sorry I dropped a pie." So does fiddly dee. "I'm sorry I dropped a pie." There's no bad words! You're brought up in an environment where they go, "Must you use that kind of language?" When I spoke at Columbia University, they said, "Do you have use that kind of language? Would you use that kind of language if your mother was here?" So I said, "Mother, will you stand up?" And she waved. There's no bad language. But what is terrible is prejudice and discrimination. So, years ago, this pilot, that I was telling you about, that flew over the General Munition Plants, he was a member of an organization called Technocracy. How many of you ever heard of Technocracy? Okay. The Technocrats believe in using science and technology, rather than politics, as a means of governing people. So, I attended about two or three of their meetings. And I enlist, and I join; it sounded pretty good. Then I noticed there were no blacks in the organization. So I walked over to Howard Scott, who was the chief engineer, and I said, "How come there's no blacks?" He goes, "Let them start their own section!" Then I said, "Well, how come there's no orientals?" He said, "The oriental mind can't grasp technology!" That was in the old days. So, I knew! I tried to tell him that you're looking at the first-generation orientals. But, by the third or fourth generation, they'll be just like us! And there would be no regional dialect. And he said, "No, no. The oriental mind will never grasp technology." He died a long time ago, and so did his ideas with him. There's nothing the matter with Technocracy; except there were areas which I couldn't agree with. So I resigned, because I could not defend them. So, then I said to myself, "What is needed? How can you design a society where there's no conflict?" Well, there's always been conflict. There's always been corruption in government. There's always been wars. And the Bible says, "There will always be wars, and rumors of wars. And we shall always have the poor amongst us." This is in your Bible. I can't accept that crap. I believe that man makes God in his own image: some jerk that you pray to. And this guy sits on a thrown. And he looks down, and he can see everything you're doing, whether you're in this concrete building, or anything else! They tell us that God made everything: every galaxy, every universe, every bug, every plant. And then Jesus proceeds to insult it. Just before they crucified him, he looked up and said, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." If this God created everything, you don't have to tell him "they don't know what they're doing". That's what I mean by an insult. When a farmer says, "Dear God, we have a drought. My corn is drying up. How about some rain?" "Gee, thanks for telling me. I didn't think of that." We reduce God to some jackass that gets angry, creates floods, sends injury, pain. And, if you don't follow the Holy Scriptures, you burn eternally. That doesn't sound like God. That sounds like a psychopath! When I tell you God is made in the image of man, you go to different countries: the Indians' concept is the happy hunting grounds. No Indian pictures stainless steel automobiles. No eskimo can dream of walking on the Palm Springs Beach, unless they've seen movies! So, it means that you can't think of anything, unless it's within the culture that you're brought up in. That's why each little group thinks they're okay. The Nazis used to call themselves "the master race"! The Jews called themselves "God's chosen people"! Well, if you start doing that sort of thing, you're separating people! And, when you have women's studies, Polish studies, Jewish studies, black studies: you're separating people. All people need clean air, clean water, arable land, and a relevant education. (That means how we depend on the forest. If we dump stuff into the oceans....) I've got to tell you this. About 45 years ago, the US army dumped sixty-five tons of nerve gas in Miami. How many of you knew that? One hand. Two hands. Off the coast of Miami, near the gulf stream. How can you love your country, and do things like that? Don't you see that? Einstein thought that if he gave them, and Oppenheimer, the formula for the atom bomb, surely man would be wise enough to demonstrate it out at sea, and say to Japan, "We don't want to drop it over your country. This is what we can do if you don't drop your arms now." But no. They dropped it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because they're brought up with the old crap in the Bible that says 'revenge is sweet'. You do things like that, you build hatred for centuries. So, I'm trying to tell you things. Sure, I can give a beautiful lecture on God Bless America. Who the hell are you, to tell God who to bless? If he made everybody, and you say, "God Bless America," who are you to do that? Everybody knows what God wants—except God. Because man makes God in his own image. A guy that gets angry and creates floods? That's not God. And then I went to another church. I was looking for the truth. In the early days, when I didn't know any better, I was looking for the truth. So I went to Satanic churches, because I wanted to see what they would say! They believe that Satan rules the world, that there's more evidence to demonstrate that than God. Serial killers, bombs, continuous war, dumping stuff in the ocean, poisoning the atmosphere. They seem to have a chip that sounds right! Of course, I don't buy that crap either. But I'm just telling you what different people believe. And they're just as sincere as you are. The Japanese are brought up with the same values about you, as you've devised about them. And we talk about Nazis as being cruel. If you get a book by H.G. Wells, called The Outline of History, in that book he says the US was moving about a thousand Germans toward the camp grounds. But the German army was catching up with them. So they put them in a big hole and machine-gunned them all. Well... we don't have any real movies on anti-war! Maybe All Quiet on the Western Front, or The Vicars. Do you know how many movies were made pro-war? Thousands of them. And, I remember the original All Quiet on the Western Front. A British man grabs a barbed wire, he's about to climb over, and a bomb goes off. And it shows two hands on the barbed wire. Well, they never show the horrors of war, because enlistment wouldn't go up. And the boys in the army, a lot of them, think they're defending this country. The only way to defend this country is to build a bridge between nations. So, I said to myself years ago, "Different nations think differently. They have different values. Some of them have twenty wives, and that's normal to that country." So, how the hell are you going to bridge the difference between nations? So, what I did when I was twenty-one years old, I attended meetings of the Ku Klux Klan. And I dissolved it in a month and a half. That was in Miami. Then I attended meetings of the White Citizens council. They hate foreigners. And I dissolved it in one month. Then I asked some people in Brooklyn, "Who are the most backward people in the area?" And they said, "Well, we believe the Arabs are, in Atlantic Avenue (New York City)." And I said, "What makes you think they're backward?" "They still believe the Earth is flat." So I said, "Boy, I've got to get to those guys. If I can't get to those guys, how am I going to change the world?" So, I looked up the guy that was in charge. His name was El-Baz. I called him, and I said, "Can I come and talk to you, El-Baz?" He said (in this type of dialect), "From where do your father be born?" I said, "Lebanon." He said, "Very good, very good. You are an analyzer, ee?" That means "yes" in Arabic. (I'm not an Arab.) So he said, "[something in Arabic]". That means "come and see me". So I came to see him.

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Part 3 of Jacque Fresco's lecture at Penn State Allegheny on 4/16/09.

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