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[♪ music ♪] [female #1] The smartphones are smarter than us. [female #2] I was afraid of the tablet. [female #3] I'm a techie, but I don't know half as much as I need to know. [male #1] If you don't have any technology, you will get left behind. [female #4] This is the way society is going. [female #5] Technology is the thing of not the future—now. And so, I need to be a part of what's happening now. [male #2] AARP TEK is AARP's answer to closing the digital divide. [♪ music ♪] [Bret E. Benson, TEK Advisor] I talked my mom into coming because for years every year she was like, all right, this year I'm going to get on the ball and I'm going to learn how to turn on a computer. [Joyce Benson, Bret's mom] He twisted my arm to come here because he wants me to get tech-savvy. [Bret E. Benson] My dad has a tablet, and so we used to tease my mom a little bit about not being connected. [Ben Benson, Bret's dad] Almost everything you do is online now, and the more you know about how to do it, the better off you are. [Joyce Benson] One of the things I want to learn how to do is pay bills because my husband right now, he pays the bills online, so I need to know how to do that, so this is one of the reasons why I really want to get involved. [Bret Benson] And she said she might get a tablet today, so if she does that, then that will just blow my mind. [Donna Mans, workshop participant] I have a granddaughter who is expected to greet the world in the middle of November in Rio de Janeiro, and the only way that I will be able to see her every day of her life is through technology, and I know nothing about technology [♪ music ♪] [Carol Sills, workshop participant] The young people in our church came out of this at age 1 knowing everything. And so I ask, well, can we not have some workshops or something? So, when I came and saw that AARP had done exactly the model, except multiplied 500 times more— there are guys at tables—they have the topics, they have the equipment, they have the patience, and the instructions. [Izaih, workshop participant] They give you all the supplies that you need and all the knowledge. So, that's what makes it great. [male #3] Awesome pictures. [Alice Handy, workshop participant] Now that I have taken this class I would use it for getting directions— I don't need my GPS anymore. [Rhonda, workshop participant] My 8-year-old grandson has an iPad and I've got to keep up with him. [♪ music ♪] [Jenny Lebrecht, TEK Advisor] Yeah, there was a lady yesterday that came in. Her name was Beverly. She was very excited to get into the workshop. [Beverly Bush, workshop participant] I looked through my brochure and I saw where they were teaching this tech class, and that's all I'm interested in right now. [Lebrecht] You know, we have long lines and she's like, listen, I have this iPad that my children gave me and I have no idea what to do with it. It is in the box. I feel stupid. And I was like, no. [Bush] I want to know how to work these things. I have stuff at home just sitting and looking real pretty. Every now and then I dust it off wishing I knew what to do. And this is my time and I am so excited. I want to learn how to do it and then I'm going to tell all my other chapter members what to do. [Lebrecht] I sat her down—I was like, okay, this is your tech guy, Joey. He's going to show you every single thing that you need— how to turn it on, how to charge it, how to put your name in there, start your emails. [Bush] That's my organization. They are all about helping seniors—bringing us up to date and keeping us informed and they know that this is needed, so I think it's great. [Lebrecht] By the end of it, she came to me and she was like, you have no idea— I could not—I did not believe you—I thought I was just going to sit here and this was going to be another class that I wasn't going to get. [Bush] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Much needed. Long overdue. And I hope everybody takes advantage of it. [cheers] [♪ music ♪] [AARP—Real Possibilities] [TEK]

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AARP TEK workshops bring education and empowerment into local communities through a custom hands-on learning environment created especially for 50+ Americans.

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